Exporting Fimo Creations

Exporting Fimo Creations

Post by FreedomBuilde » Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:00:00

        We have been commissioned to research the possibility for exporting from
America our clients Fimo-based products including '***s' for "novelty"
pipes, animal shapes and pendants/jewelry etc. to Europe and the rest of
the world.

        I thought there may be someone in this group who is doing this or knows
someone who is and would be willing to share some tips (such as
buyers/suppliers abroad, pricing of product, packaging/freight techniques
etc. etc.)  Currently, our client supplies around 25% of head shops in the
U.S. with these products.

        Any ideas?

[PS  Anyone have the URL for "Polymer Clay Central" -- if there is one??]
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