Final results on amount clay used.

Final results on amount clay used.

Post by gwen bak » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Well My hubby and I have completed supercane.  I weighed it after almost
killing myself.  The scales I have weigh a qt empty mason jar with lid and
ring at 1#1oz-that's for reference and teh final baby weighs----do I hear
the drum roll-almost 4 #.  We used an equivalent of 5 bricks of poly
clay-You know the ones I mean.  although there were many colors or actually
shades of various colors.  It's measurements are 5.5 incehes across and a
little over 3 inches high.

I know this is going to give me a lot of bead of various sizes so I'll let
any one who wants to know what I finally get--just ask.

Since my true love is things with scents followed a close second by poly
clay. I am hping to do a series on flowers and this was an IRIS.  The
background is a mixture of translucents and tones and if it ends up reduced
the same as it looks in the rough it is going to be spectacular. I am
hoping to utilize teh telephone wire and reinforce edges to make some
movable jewelry-not just pendants and dangles but things that open and

I decided the colors and my husband who has never done a cane did all the
work-he even mixed the colors and when he thought we didn't have enough
would walk to the store-don't laugh its 5 miles away and he doesn't drive
and is agoraphobic to boot so you know it was an effort.

Now everyone cross your fingers for me and hope that I can reduce this baby
and get everything done for the weekend deadline, casue I am also
macrameing one for his deadline.  everything in the Baker house is

Gwen Baker


Final results on amount clay used.

Post by Sherry Bail » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

All I can say is "WOW!"

(Well, no -- I can also say GOTTA SEE THIS! (Iris are my favorite flowers!)


(Congratulations, Gwen -- sounds incredible!)


Final results on amount clay used.

Post by gwen bak » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

well i hope i like it with all this material and work.  i usually reduce to
2-3 inches then cut off about a third and reduce that then cut off sonme at
another size and keep reducing so i have lots of different sizes.

i am warming and reducing the thing while i read and type
Gwen Baker


Final results on amount clay used.

Post by Cane Ja » Sun, 01 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Your design sounds just fantastic. Hope you'll be willing to trade a small
slice with me someday. I've made lots of flowers too and have a pansy
that's pretty nice. There was an instructor in San Diego until recently
who taught a flower cane class, and I took it several times making a
different flower every class. Then at the end of each class any of us who
wanted to would trade 1" or so of our cane after it had been reduced so we
could go home and make necklaces of assorted flowers rather than only
having our own design. Maybe we could organize a swap like that on here
sometime if enough people are interested!  --Jane