Re-post: Arts and Craft Business Forum Mailing List

Re-post: Arts and Craft Business Forum Mailing List

Post by Howard Brom » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

This mailing list is targeted at  professional artisans or those
 individuals who eventually want to make Arts and Crafts
their livelihood.  IMHO, there is excellent information available
 to individuals engaging in hobbies, the occasional "crafter",
"where to find "and"how to do" on the standard
list of rec.craft newsgroups.  However, very little information
is available about our business.  Since all media have , more
or less, the same business problems all media are
 invited to be a part of the mailing list.

  Among the subjects to be explored .

 -How to keep the IRS out of your face.
 -Contract labor-1099 Good or bad.
 -Web catalogs, prognosis for the future.
 -Crafting malls, Internet or storefront, recognize the Rip Offs.
 -How to price you're craft products.

  Regards, Howard Broman

 Designers of handcrafted Victorian, Bridal and Contemporary
 jewelry and gifts made from real miniature roses grown in
 our greenhouses in Albany, Oregon.



 Attention ! Artisans who are "Online" and utilize the Internet.

 You are invited to be a participant in a new kind of mailinglis
"Artsand Craft Business Forum" the principal purpose is to
 exchange business ideas and  concepts that have worked
for us in the  past.  Discuss sales problems and promotions
 with professionals who specialize in wholesale and
 retail sales.  Show promoters and their problems, trends and
 projections. Seminars, Symposium and  other educational
events open to the general public.  We hope to have the mailing
 list on line by October 15th.

 "Arts and Craft Business Forum" mailing list Charter.

 The primary purpose of this mailing list is to form an Internet
 community of traveling artisans willing to share lifes experiences
 within the professional framework of  Arts and Craft. Also those
 professionals who do their primary business with artisans, and
 need a forum to better explain  problems, ideals, goals and

 Requirements to join the mailing list.

 -Disclosure  of your real name and email address.
 -Submission of a brief biography of you &  your product.
 -Years of experience and, perhaps, your future  goals.
 -Must be willing to contribute to the discussion on a  regular basis.

 Who would be welcome as a member of the mailing list.

 -Those who work full time as artisans or want and attempting to do
  -Artisan must make the majority of items sold at A&C Shows.
 -Sales Reps who deal with "Quality Crafts" exclusively.
 -Store front owners who deal exclusively in "Quality Arts and Crafts"
 -Arts and Craft Show Promoters- "Quality Arts and Crafts" Only.
 -Retired Artisans who wish to contribute to the profession.

 Who would be considered inappropriate members of the mailing list.

 -Those who engage in crafting as a hobby or an occasional craft show.

 -Resellers, Reps and those who *import* the majority of their
 -Those artisans who no longer craft the majority of their products.
 -Lurkers, this mailing list is for and by professionals who wish to
 contribute !

 What subjects would be encouraged in the mailing list.

 -Rating  A&C Shows  as to the promoters and overall quality.
 -New and different venues for selling our products.
 -Discussions revolving around juried A&C Shows eg: photographs.
 -Important considerations for retail and wholesale trade shows.
 -Accommodations available at A&C Shows-luxury hotels to campgrounds.
 -A&C Show guides-National and Regional.
 -Tips on packing, packaging and displays.
 - Tips on hiring part-time employees.
 -Changes in buying habits at A&C Shows verses Std retailing.
 -Difficulties in moving through different mental and physical stages
 of  "Crafting".
 -Internet marketing of your product.  Primarily through a Web
 -Sharing of pertinent marketing techniques either Internet or A&C

> Shows.

 -Bookkeeping and tax tips.

  What  subjects would be discouraged in the mailing list.

 -"How to" discussions generally appropriate for established
 -Selling your products through the mailing list.
 -Blatant self promotion.
 -Manufacturing techniques for individual products.
 -General "Where can I find..." questions, appropriate to other