Maureen Carlson on Duvall (synopsis--long)

Maureen Carlson on Duvall (synopsis--long)

Post by DABla » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Maureen Carlson demonstrated making one of her character figures (about
7"? high, an old man sitting on a log, with a fishing pole in his hand)
using not-too-difficult sculpting components and her Push Molds (face,
hands, and boots).

(all measurements are my guesses)
--begin with an alum. foil armature (4" tall) shaped like a baking potato;
insert a toothpick almost halfway in
--thread onto it a 1" ball of clay for the neck
--put a l" alum.foil ball in the center of a 1 3/4" pad of clay, and pull
the edges over to cover the foil; form a slightly flattened oval; place
onto toothpick (blank head base)

TOP PANTS--3" pad of clay, press around bottom of foil potato, and smooth

LEGS--roll a 1" ball of clay into a 2-3" log; press a paintbush handle
through center of  the log, then roll handle to create a tube
--reinsert handle into half of leg and bend clay over handle end to form a
bent knee
--squish the hole at one end to close; make end flat and diagonal to the
--attach legs to bottom of top-pant, offset from center; blend leg clay
into pant-top clay with strokes of side of thumb
--sit figure on an oven-safe base (she used a branch/log)

FACE--powder face mold; press a 1 1/4" teardrop shape of clay into mold
(press the point into nose area);  *use less than enough to fill
completely* and make the back clay concave; remove from mold
--press face onto center of oval blank head (like large mask); press edges
around toward back with thumb to smooth (don't worry too much about areas
to be covered with hair)
(--can modify face:  to open mouth up, indent/dig into mouth line with
needle tool, then pull chin area down;  make holey nostrils by pressing in
with knitting needle; can deepen lines already on face)

EYES--press pre-baked white clay balls or glass beads into eye area; (can
use side of needle tool to define under-eye bags and upper lids:) scrunch
eyebrow area down over eyes to close them in a little

EARS (large)--1/2" half-circle of clay, indent center to one edge with
large rounded  end of any tool
--place on side of head; press into head somewhat (rocking around) with
rounded large end of tool
--press mid-ear back, then top and lobe forward some

CHEEKS--blush with soft brush

SHIRT--(need very warm/soft clay) sheet of clay 3x6"
-wrap around neck high under chin; overlap top ends; let other ends hang
down to form "V"
--drape bottom ends by creating a diagonal fold over where leg joins body;
other end was simply lifted and pressed over knee
SLEEVES--same way as making legs

HANDS--(Always! use less clay than mold will hold, so will get good
definition on edges)
--use mold for hands; can cut fingers apart if want--not nec.; slip into
sleeve ends
--attach arms to very top of should area, on sides
(--can crease inner elbows with needle tool)
--move arms into any position desired

BOOTS--3-part mold
--press log of clay into main boot shape mold
--press darker brown clay into sole mold & press boot on top to remove
from mold
--        "      "         "          "    laces mold     "            "  
         "             "
--(for slightly smaller boots, fill mold less than full)

SOCKS--make short log of clay & slip into boot
--slip sock/boot into pants leg  (her "socks" showed--used same color as

HAIR--flatten clay into 3/4" by 3/4"-or-longer strips
--cut 3 or more fringes along one long end; pick up and twist each fringe
--attach fringe strip to head over ears & press unfringed edge down
--layer fringe strips around head, from bottom to top (hers was bald on

SCARF (large)--place 4 balls of colored clay end to end; roll and twist
--flatten twisted log into 1 1/2" x 6" rectangle; fringe each end
--fold one long edge over a little and wrap around neck and shoulders
--overlap 2nd end and twist fringes
--put fishing pole in hand or whatever
Maureen's book is called "How To Make Clay Characters," and appeared to
have 21 diff. characters in diff. poses.

WHEW!  Diane B.


Maureen Carlson on Duvall (synopsis--long)

Post by RSPIE » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I just have to say:
Diane, I saw both of these shows on Carol Duvall and can't believe what an
excellent, detailed job you did, writing out the instructions.  

Thanks! Randi