Accept Checks via Email, Fax or Phone

Accept Checks via Email, Fax or Phone

Post by ORDERL » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00

You can have Immediate Cash Flow, Increased Sales, Reduced Accounts
 Receivables, Increased Collections, Eliminate or Reduce Credit Card Fees with
 Checker Software?!!

Over 70 million customers have checking accounts but no credit cards. Many have
 credit cards but prefer to preserve the remaining available funds or not be
 subject to the high rate of interest. How many impulse sales do you lose
 because a customer won't get out an envelope, address it, stamp it and put it
 in the mail?

Consider what a boom this will add to your collection efforts! Not only will it
 dramatically increase your collections, but it will cut your collection
 expenses, or eliminate them altogether!

Print drafts of your customer's checks authorized by fax, phone or email.  Ever
 had a check bounce on you?  The bank will only accept it twice, then you can
 call it a loss.  With this software, you can re-print the check until it

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