Calligraphy advice needed

Calligraphy advice needed

Post by Bonnie Famely - Sun BOS Softwa » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 03:31:19

I am looking for some basic advice on Chinese brushwork.

I know very little about this subject. I want to learn how to control a
Chinese/Japanese brush and would like to understand what is considered "good"
in terms of brushwork. I'm not interested in Chinese or Japanese
characters per se, but I can see how trying to write these would be a
very useful learning exercise.

- What kind of brush is best? Most brushes have Chinese characters
written on them so I can't read them. What they are made of, etc. I'm
not sure how to select brushes. Also, there are some big thick beautiful
expensive brushes that have a fine point. Because it would seem they
can create a fine line does this mean I don't also need a smaller

- What brand or type of ink is best? Is waterproof ink harder on
brushes? I would think that non-waterproof is the more traditional?
What about the  ink cakes I see that have to be rubbed on a stone? I
missed part of the discussion on inks, and I lost one post where I know
someone mentioned which ink they liked best. Can anyone mail me the name of
the ink again? I think it was a Faber, but I'm not sure that the post
was suggesting it be used with Chinese brushes.

- Can anyone recommend their favorite books on this?

Please reply directly to me.

Thanks in advance for any help,