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As noted in the original messages, the recipes provided were
merely samples, and anyone interested in this subject should
check with the library and/or stores for books describing it in
greater depth.

Just as each person's tastes differ, everyone is subject to
different allergies.  It is therefore important to find and/or
develop recipes that meet your personal needs as well as those
of the recipients of gifts made with this type of recipe.
Rather than attempting to turn the newsgroup into a treatise on
herbal crafts / aromatherapy, the sample recipes / packaging /
gift ideas were provided solely to introduce this subject and
provide a starting point.

Likewise, as mentioned therein, the information was obviously
presented in good faith without any guarantees, since no one
outside the medical profession can pretend to know how
ingredients will affect different people.

Just use them as examples and refer to other publications /
medical authorities to determine whether or not they would be
appropriate for you and/or your recipients.  (For example,
although most people love the smell of freshly-mowed grass, it
causes _ME_ to faint.  Likewise, although virtually everything
is nicer with coloring or scent, I omit them from anything made
either for myself or with people sharing my particular
allergies.  Accordingly, only you and your doctor know how
various ingredients will affect _you_.)

That is the best part of making one's own:  doing so enables us
to save mone, suit our personal tastes, and accomodate our
individual allergies.

With respect to bath salts, it should be noted that either all
Epsom Salts, all Rock Salt, or a combination of half Epsom Salts
and half Rock Salt can be substituted for the sample
combinations cited.  Just add scent and/or coloring to taste if
you wish to do so.

Although there are many specialized books devoted to each of the
aforementioned subjects, one more "generalized" favorite is
_Herbal Treasures_ by Phyllis V. Shaudys.  A large, fat
paperback available in the gardening sections of most libraries
and bookstores, this is a veritable treasure trove of
information, resources, and wonderful craft ideas/recipes/

The book also includes instructions and information from the
best-known herb specialists in the country, many of which are
excerpts from those individuals' own publications.  This will
therefore provide a broad range of ides and variations and help
you determine which suppliers/publications will best suit your

(I have no affiliation with this book, author, or any of the
people or companies mentioned therein, and am beraly sharing
this information because I, myself, have found it invaluable.)

I hope that this helps.