Miniature Theme Exchange: Final Listing

Miniature Theme Exchange: Final Listing

Post by Chuck Holco » Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:00


-Group 1 > Fantasy and Historical Group: Includes castles, fantasy
cottages, storybook and fairytale scenes, room boxes, etc.  This
also includes projects for those folks who are interested in
historical authenticity, and presenting a project that is
historically accurate.  Please indicate what you are doing,
specifically, (ie. room box, castle, cottage, etc.) the time period
(if any specific one) and the types of items you need\want for your
project.  If you are just collecting, please note that, and
indicate what items you don't need, like furniture, etc., to avoid
duplication. >> NEED ONLY 1 MEMBER!<<

-Group 2 > Contemporary:  [Filled]

-Group 3 > Holiday: Especially for those folks who LOVE the
holidays, and collect just holiday items, or create holiday rooms
or houses.  It may be any holiday, but please indicate what you are
especially interested in.  >> NEED 3 MEMBERS!<<

-Group 4 > [Cancelled]

-Group 5 > The Grab-Bag Group: This is a group for anybody who
doesn't want to be classified or just likes mysteries!  The object
of this group is to be surprised!  Participants will be able to
specify things that they DON'T like, (to avoid getting things that
won't be displayed) but other than that, everything else is fair

-Group 6 > The "I Made It" Group: As the name implies, this is a
group for you crafty people to exchange your best work with other
crafty types.  This is the only group where purchased, or
hand-crafted items made by OTHER crafters are a no-no. You should
exchange items that you have made yourself, preferably something
that the other group members have not put under "DISlikes."

*Depending on how many people are interested in any given category,
there may be more than one exchange group in a category.  You will
never have to send things to any more than 5 other people, unless
you specifically ask to be in more than one group.  If there is
more than one group in a category, you will be numbered as "Group
2A, 2B," or "Group 4A, 4B" etc.

*Also, the groups may be broken up into sub-groups, should you so
desire.  For instance, if half a dozen people want to exchange items
specifically for bathrooms, say, then we will have a bathroom group,
or if 6 want to exchange items for flea markets, then we'll have a
flea market group.  The exchange is yours, so I will endeavor to make
it suit as many people as  possible.  The only catch is that at least
5 other people must agree to join your specific exchange before I'll
make it an official "group."

*The exchange officially "starts" when I start posting listings of
groups, and continues until one year from that date.  I will post
the official start/ending dates when I start posting groups.

*I don't benefit in any way from this exchange, other than to make new
friends, get myself into as many groups as I possibly can, and to get
nifty things in the mail!  IOW, I'm only doing this for the fun of it.
My function in the exchange is primarily as organizer and "moderator,"
if you will, and someone you can complain to if something goes wrong.


1. Each member is responsible for sending a miniature in the proper
scale, supplies for making a miniature (kit form), or other dollhouse
supplies to each member of their group before the end of the exchange.

This does not apply to the "I MadeIt" group, where the items
_must_ be your own work. Regardless, it should be something that the
person can use. The same applies to kits: you may either purchase or
make up kits on your own, but try to keep the person's capabilities,
likes and dislikes in mind.

2. There are no spending limits, per se, but let's keep it fun, and
not make it a competition.  A _recommended_ spending limit, is
$10-15 per person in your group.  This may be more or less,
depending on your means, but you can have a lot of fun on $10 when
you're buying (or making!) minis.

3. You may belong to more than one group, but you are, of course,
expected to fulfill your obligation to all members of your groups
before the deadline.  Try not to bite off more than you can chew!
However, if you find yourself in difficulty, and are unable to
fulfill your obligation, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, so I can take you out
of your group(s) and inform others before they send things to you.

4. IMPORTANT!!  When you receive a package from someone in your
group, PLEASE notify them that it was received, as soon as
possible, either through the newsgroup or through e-mail or
snail mail.  A thank you note is a nice way to say that you have
received someone's package.

5. Don't wait until the last minute (this is usually around Christmas
time) to fulfill your obligations.  Too frequently people wait and
wait and then wind up playing catch-up for weeks and months after the
exchange is officially "over."

*NOTE: When sending packages to group members in Canada or other
countries than the US, please be considerate and mark the package as a
"Gift," to avoid the recipient having to pay an import duty on the
item. A past member of the 12 Days of Christmas Exchange has suggest
ALSO writing "Dollhouse Related Items" on the package.  This is in
addition to marking the package a "Gift."

If you have any questions about the groups, rules, questionaire, or
anything else, please don't hesitate to e-mail me:

City, State (Province) and Zip (Postal) Code:
Telephone: (Will NOT be posted, nor given to anyone!)
E-mail address(es):
Birthday: (Optional, and the year isn't necessary, but some folks like
to send packets on birthdays.)
The group(s) you'd like to join:
Your project(s): Include time period, if applicable.
Your needs/wants:
Crafts You Do:
Color scheme:
Comments, suggestions:

Please make a hard copy of the above rules and description, and
e-mail me a filled-in copy of the questionnaire.  If you don't have a
printer, and would
like a copy of the rules, the exchange description and your
completed group, please send me a SASE, and I'll be happy to send
you a copy, as soon as the groups are established.

Thank you for your interest in this exchange, and remember that it
isn't an exchange without you.

Chuck Holcomb


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