problems with iron-on transfers

problems with iron-on transfers

Post by Marina Salu » Sat, 18 Jan 1992 09:44:25

>When I iron on commercial transfers (like PLAID or Daisy Kingdom) they
>end up not completely transfering.  I follow all the directions but my
>transfers end up looking very washed-out, like a fuzzy, bad photocopy.
>Any ideas or suggestions about what's happening?

I've read that some transfers work better with certain fabric contents.
Some work best on 100% cotton, some only work if there is enough polyester
and/or synthetic content. Maybe you could test a small corner on different
fabrics before messing up a whole sweatshirt (or whatever). Some transfers
even come with small "test" desigsn for this purpose.

Also, some need steam to transfer well and some prefer straight heat. If the
directions don't tell you, test again.

Let us know what works for what brands!--marina