Anybody have access to Virginia's in

Anybody have access to Virginia's in

Post by Bill Jon » Sat, 12 Nov 1994 02:33:00

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> Yeah, and the ironic part is that by my estimation, less than one half
> of one percent of the readership (assuming Karen Cravens is being honest
> about the folks she said wrote her in support) is basically holding the
> group hostage.

I have been FURIOUS that a few vicious people have ruined rec.crafts for
the rest of us!


> So, never mind that over 99.5% of us (based on an admittedly skewed
> sample) want the instructions.  The remaining .5% have been ***
> enough to leave her feeling completely unwelcome.

it's so easy for self-centered people to be rude when they're protected by
electronic distance.

> Of course, I haven't seen much of interest from that .5% who was
> complaining,

I don't know who they are...but they don't seem to be contributing much but

> Oh, well. <yawn>  I guess I had better stop before I get flamed by
> Betty or Karen for actually adding content to the group.

The first time I was flamed, I was devestated!  Now, I realize it really
just reflects how shabby and ill-mannered the flamer is...and I simply
don't read anything on the net written by people who have nothing but
"crap" to post.

I have kept in touch with ***ia...and value the information I receive
from her.  She is one of the "treasures" of the Internet!

Bill Jones, Theatre Arts Department, San Francisco State University

"Sometimes it's more important to be human, than to have good taste" Brecht
"Being a good craftsman will in no way prevent you from having Genius"