Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy - (Good Orient Company)

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy - (Good Orient Company)

Post by James La » Mon, 20 Nov 1995 04:00:00

                 GOOD ORIENT COMPANY

We are a company on the Internet that specializes in marketing
fun things from the East that is totally *** and out of the
ordinary. Ever heard of Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy? It first
translates your English first name into its Chinese equivalent.
The brush strokes of your Chinese name are then replaced with a
variety of symbols e.g Dragon, Phoenix, etc painted in a series
of rainbow colors. Thus, you Chinese character name will consist
of a good few symbols where each symbol has a different
interpretion. e.g. Dragon = Power, Phoenix = Nobility, etc.
Sounds interesting? You bet!

  *Suitable for Individuals, Couples, Family, Friends, etc
   Even comes with personalised messages for special occasions

If you are interested, you can

        1) Check out our WWW site:

        2) Request an electronic catalog (gif format) through email.

        3) Request our paper catalog to be sent to your home address.

For queries, comments, or requests please send mail to :