Unlurking - likes candles,calligraphy and celtic knots!

Unlurking - likes candles,calligraphy and celtic knots!

Post by Richard Kempt » Thu, 22 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am interested in dressmaking, candlemaking, calligraphy, celtic knot
patterns, bead jewelry and revamping old into new.  

At University I studied computer science and for the last two years I
have worked doing admin and computers for a Christian theatre company.  

At school I always avoided art/craft things and went all out for the
sciences.  My interest in computing came from my dad, an electrical
engineer, but my interest in crafts from my mum, a sewaholic and hoarder
of fabric.  

Once I got out of full time education, I had a bit more time to do
something a bit different.  Since we went on-line though, I seem to have
less time to be creative - I'm too busy reading the newsgroups!

Other favourites are Sci-fi, drives in the country, cooking (when it
suits me) and takeaways (when cooking doesn't suit me and we've got the

I'd be interested in hearing a little about other lurkers!

Ruth Kempton

--- The Manic Serger ---