Wood Supply

Wood Supply

Post by Metallica » Sun, 10 Dec 2000 13:18:52

Hi , first time here.

I am trying to find out if theres a market for small Western Red Cedar,
Engelmann and Sitka spruce boards. Theses boards are 24"x6"x5mm they are
kiln dried to 10% -12% moisture, They are cut on quarter so you see each
grain down the face of the board. they would have up to 25 grains per inch
and be totally free of defects. They look really nice and silky,  and  could
also be sanded on either or both sides for a smooth finish.

I also have cedar that could be used for roofing on doll houses. This cedar
in uncut and rough, perfect to be used as Cedar shakes. The dimensions are
3"x.5"x24" and could also be cut/split to spec.
I also have the same wood in these dimensions, 1"x1"x24"

Does anybody know where I could sell this product? I really think that it
would be a waste to
have to burn this wood , when it could be usefull to somebody or some wooden
toy company. If you have any ideas or would like to buy some, drop me a

thanks in advance,