Gourds, Mailing List \ Newsgroup

Gourds, Mailing List \ Newsgroup

Post by Lillian Duvall Kep » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

If anyone is interested in starting a Gourds newsgroup please let me know
by e-mail.

This would be a mailing list to start with to see if there was enough
interest to propose an alt.art.gourds newsgroup.  This would be a
newsgroup for the growing and crafting of gourds.

Anyone interested could be on the mailing list to start, but if enough
interest were shown, it could be changed to a newsgroup, so let me know
if you do have access to newsgroups when you respond.

Lillian Kepp


Gourds, Mailing List \ Newsgroup

Post by jdixo » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

YES, YES, YES !!!!!
Please put me on your mailing list. I hust started my first crop
of gourds last year. I live in the southeast part of Washington
state. It's in the desert.  Jeanie Dixon 6305 West Argent Street
 Pasco, Washington 99301   phone : 509-545-4443