Rubber Stamping Together! Mail List

Rubber Stamping Together! Mail List

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*** Stamping Together! is an email mail list for art stampers with a
friendly, forgiving and encouraging environment -- flames are forbidden.
We are all here to learn and share our knowledge with each other.

Some of the areas of interest on RST! include:

--Special concern is given to caring for new stampers with the Newbie
Assistance program. Basic tips and techniques are shared and new
stampers are given experienced stampers to work with.

--A Stamper-of-the-Month program highlights one member each month for
special recognition. The winning member is sent a surprise package of
stamps and supplies and a plaque commemorating his or her selection.

--A Vendor Listing with a difference. Rather than simply listing who
sells what, we strive to provide a bit of personal information about the
vendor and give customer recommendations to give insight to customers on
the benefits each vendor can give you.

--Shows and Conventions journal, with list of shows they've attended
around the world. Stamper reports are collected of each show attended.

In addition, there are Random Acts of Kindness, KidKeepers for child
mentoring, Secret Buddies, Snail Mail and Wish Lists.

RST! is a high volume list. You will be joining an active, vital
stamping community.

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