The Stamping Stuff Mailing List

The Stamping Stuff Mailing List

Post by John D. Mabun » Thu, 14 Sep 1995 04:00:00

After many delays and configuring and suggestions,
In the tradition of the *** Stamping Web page,
I'm proud to present -

 - The Stamping Stuff Mailing List -

Designed to provide you with

*** Stamping Web Page Updates
 - I'll let you know whenever I add to the page so you
   know when it's time for another visit.  The mailing
   list will enhance & supplement the web page perfectly.

Convention Updates
 - All the late breaking news about conventions around
   the country.  As provided by Stampo!

Stamp Store and Stamp Company News & Sales
 - I've contacted many companies (including Herbarium,
   Viva Las Vegastamps! & American Art Stamp) who will
   provide updates on new products, catalogs and sales
   they may be having.

Stamping Stuff News
 - Are you ready for the newest stamping publication?
   We'll start off distributing an on-line version around
   the world and then a few months down the road a paper
   version.  Now's your chance to get in on the very
   start of this awesome opportunity.

Also coming soon logs of the #stampers IRC chats will be
available through the list, all automated of course.
Maybe even pages from stamping catalogs.

Important note!
This is a moderated list so there won't be any discussions
or swaps going on.  There are already plenty of lists and
groups where you can do that.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to

then put

subscribe stamping-stuff email-address

of course substitute your email address, eg. I would subscribe like this

Any problems, questions, comments?

If you have a stamping business and would like to include your updates
let me know.


PS If you have access please post this on AOL, Prodigy, Genie, Compuserve and MSN