Soap Recipes 5/9

Soap Recipes 5/9

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      Title: Decorated Soaps
 Categories: Tightwad, Soaps, Crafts
      Yield: 1 decoration

      1 ea New bar soap with 1 plain
           Small decorative picture on
           -thin paper
      2 tb Chipped or shredded paraffin
           Small heatproof custard cup
           Small pot of hot water
           Small shallow pan or dish
           Old towl or foil covered
           -baking sheet
           Clear plastic wrap


  Perfect as gifts, these decorated soaps can be mad* i *
  any size with a variety of decorations.

  Yield:    decorated bar soap

  BE SAFE.  Paraffin is flammable. heat it over hot water;
  never place over direct heat.

  Moisten a plain side of the soap with water, then place the
  picture on it, pressing down so it adheres to the wet soap.

  Place paraffin in the cup. To melt, set the custard cup in the
  hot water. Pour the melted wax into the shallow pan, then dip the
  picture side of the soap into the wax. Set the wax-coated soap on the
  towel or baking sheet and allow to harden. Wrap the finished soap in
  plastic wrap to protect it until ready to use. For more bars, simply
  multiply the ingredients as needed.

  Note:  Buy paraffin in the canning section of supermarkets and
  hardware stores.

  Source: Rodale's Book of Practical Formulas
  Typed by Fran McGee


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