Iron-on Laser Transfer Toners, Decals, Raised Print & White Toners...

Iron-on Laser Transfer Toners, Decals, Raised Print & White Toners...

Post by Walter Vose Jeffri » Mon, 04 Dec 1995 04:00:00

> You sent me a few comp copies of the Flash Magazine a while back, which I
> promptly put in a  safe place and haven't seen since-  I need to sort out
> some stuff and I'll find them then.

out another free sample of the Flash Magazine. Hopefully this time things
won't be so hectic and you'll get a chance to read it... I know how that
can be!

>  But the question is:  Can you get white toner?

I get request for white from time to time. Unfortunately the standard laser printers
use a monocomponent, magnetic toner formulation which I must stick to which
means using an iron-oxide for its ferris properties (sticks to a magnet).
I have been experimenting with making light color print toners (we make
dark colors now) but it is still a long ways from market. I may have figured
out two possible ways to make white toner but unfortunately both of them
look to be very expensive methods and the market is small. I'll keep thinking
on it though and may come up with a better way in time...

> A lot of us on the model rail lists want to make decals for models
> (logically enough) and the greatest need is for white lettering or white
> backgrounds on a car or building of some other color- and of a design
> where just painting the background white is not a solution.

My son and I are just getting into model railroading. I can see the application...
Now I've got some personal incentive... :) We'll see what happens...

> And is there a way to make them opaque?  My experience with decals made
> in a color copier is mixed-  although they work fine as decals- they
> apply and can be seated with the normal decal setting solutions, they
> cannot be used well on almost any but a white or at least silver
> background, which limits their use.

Hmm... I have an idea for you. Last spring I wrote an article "Raising Hell"
for issue 7.2 of the Flash Magazine which talked about how to do raised
print lettering (thermolithography) using standard laser printers. This
would give you bright colors and even whites. The process is a little involved
(more than just printing the page) but very doable. I've not tried it yet
but that might work very well for doing decals as you can control how much
raising you get. Something to try... This same technique might be useful
on fabrics for some interesting decorative looks...

> If you have thoughts on the topic, please respond to the rec.models.
> railroad list (as well as any other you think might be interested).  At
> least once a week someone asks about this.

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