Iron-on laser printer transfer Toners

Iron-on laser printer transfer Toners

Post by wal.. » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00


I had seen a bunch of notes inquiring about iron-on transfers here. You may
be interested in the Transfer Toners for laser printers from BlackLightning

black & white laser printers and offer 15 colors including process (CMYK).
The toner works with plain paper and creates a colorful permanent image.
You also may be interested in the Flash Magazine which has an article
each issue on this topic as well as general laser printing, dtp and
book-on-demand publishing topics.

Publisher & Editor
Flash Magazine

Disclaimer: I invented the Iron-on Transfer Toners, but hey,
they're still fun stuff! :)


Iron-on laser printer transfer Toners

Post by Flinthoof Shar » Tue, 05 Dec 1995 04:00:00

        I've used the Black Lightning toner cartridges with our laser
printer and like them.  Have around 10 or so colors on hand to do odd
shirts and other projects.  They aren't the bright, heavy colors like you
see with screen printing, but they are a nice way of doing a T shirt.  
Good guides when you want to paint on a design afterwards too.

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