Hammocks, Swings, Candles and Chimineas

Hammocks, Swings, Candles and Chimineas

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Hammocks, Swings, Candles and Chimineas

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This NG is not for advertising.  Please read the FAQ before posting.  To
make that easier for you I have included the area that you will need to
read.  :)  Thanks

>>>snipped from FAQ

OK, you don't want to see it, but you might want to buy it.  Can I advertise

  No.  There are groups set up for that purpose, such as

  Advertising in non-marketplace groups is considered rude, and also
  violates some ISP's authorized use policies (AUP) and terms of service
  (TOS) which you agreed to when you signed up.

I'm cleaning out my closet, and I found some things I can sell on e-bay.
Can't I just mention it here?

  No.  That's considered advertising.  Mention it in a marketplace group.
  The folks there are looking to buy.

I'm going to start a business selling my crafts.  Can I advertise my website

  Not blatantly.  Just posting an ad asking people to visit your site is
  advertising.  However, you can put your URL in your signature, and can
  take every opportunity to help somebody who's already looking.

  For example:  a poster is looking for a birthday gift, and you make
  jewelry.  You're more than welcome to respond that you might have what the
  poster is looking for at your site.  Also, putting a small ad in your
  signature means that every time you post, people will see it.

>>>end of snipping