Need source for Swiss Acrylics

Need source for Swiss Acrylics

Post by West » Sun, 28 Aug 1994 21:41:05

For some time Ive been using Lascaux Perlacryl brand iridescent acrylics,
which Ive gotten through Daniel Smith in Seattle. They have stopped
carrying them, & I need a new source. Nothing else comes close to them for
what Im doing, though they are EXPENSIVE (they werent selling at DS).

Anybody know a mail order or Rocky Mountain area source for these paints?




Need source for Swiss Acrylics

Post by More » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 06:51:57

If DS isnt' selling them anymore, perhaps they can give you the # of
whte company and or name so you can write to them and possibly get them
direct. If they won't give it to you. Let me know I might have a way of
getting it from them..