I think I am in love...AIR DOG

I think I am in love...AIR DOG

Post by Shih O » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 05:49:18

The "Air Dog" is cool. Just my type of model. Nice array of weapons
and teh details are superb. The helmet was a nice touch too. I wish I
could make it myself (would need TONNES of cash).
Were the parts for the "flying" part of teh Air dog taken from
Tallgeese? Cos it seemed to be from my point of view. Annd the machine
guns seems to be taken from a Gouf maybe?

And from the rest of the models that are fetured in Hobby Japan, I
think i am definitely going to buy this month's issue. Just has way
too mnay models that are way way cool to me. (I like gunz, lotsa gunz

Actually in Model Graphix the Rx-78 Heavy Weapon System is also a nice
one but seems to be a bit plain for what it is representing.

Thanks Wolfkeeper! Your site gives me a good insight on when it is
best issue for me to buy my own copy of Hobby Japan. =)

SHih OOn