FS: Bandai Strike VF-1S toy and more

FS: Bandai Strike VF-1S toy and more

Post by Max Jeniu » Mon, 29 Sep 1997 04:00:00

> 1/55 Bandai Hikaru's Strike VF-1S           $350
> The toy is mint, but the box is in C7~8 condition, parts of the stickers
> have been applied but in correct places and in very good condition, no
> Minmay figurine and no sticker sheet. It comes with the Mint VF-1S, nine
> pieces of armors, gun-clip, gun-pod, missiles on tree, extra blace canopy
> with skull & cross bone marking, two instructions and two wing missiles.
> I'll add a Arii's 1/170 scale model OR 1/200 NICHIMO model in the package.

Wow! I think I might get back to you on this, can you hold it?


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