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This is Part III of the STAMP TRADER LIST, and it contains the
e-mail address of stamp collectors who wish to establish connec-
tions and trade stamps with other people on the net.  If you have
any interest in trading with them, please contact them directly
by e-mail.

If you want to be added to, or deleted from the Stamp Trader List,
or need to modify your offers/wants, please send an e-mail to
Phil Guptill..aka..The Gold Doctor, at:

I'm semi-retired and am in the midst of becoming a brand new
stamp dealer, as well as continuing to wear my collector's hat.
I'm very much a newbie when it comes to the Internet & computers
and hope that you'll be able to bear with me as I learn about
the incredible new information hiway & the tools used to access
it.  All questions, comments & suggestions will be welcomed by
me, and I'll always try to be responsive.

The present list is now in seven parts.  The sign on portion of
e-mail addresses is in numerical & alphabetical order & deter-
mines the whereabouts of STL subscribers on the list.
For newcomers or those with modifications to their listing, it
will be appreciated very much if you will use a format similar
to those listings that appear on this edition of the list. That
will make it much easier for me to add your new entry or modi-
fication with a minimum of editing. I'll try to send an ack-
nowledgment to everyone who e-mails me about any matter relative
to the Stamp Trader List. The list will now be updated no less
than three times a month, on/or about the 1st, 10th & 20th.

               Happy Trading & Stamp Collecting!!!

        S T A M P    T R A D E R    L I S T   P A R T   III
                             D thru E

Offer:  Germany, DDR, Austria, Switzerland and all my other  
        worldwide & topicals.  
Want:   Germany 1919-1994, DDR, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands,
        Denmark, Topical collection: Chemistry and Physics.
Note:   Willing to trade in 1 for 1 in packets of 50 or more. High
        price-stamps will be traded basis of Michel or Scott cat.

Offer:  Worldwide pre-1940, especially Europe and British Empire.
Want:   Worldwide pre-1940, especially 19th century Great Britain
        & the German Empire.

Offer:  FDC of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Mainland China
        Maximum cards
Want:   Maximum cards (All countries)

Offer:  Mint & used Malta & US
Want:   Mint & used Malta, US, Cyprus & Great Britain
Note:   APS#173499

Offer:  Canada Post new stamp issue posters for sale or trade.                
        New issue brochures (PS 14's); FDC's - some registered.
Want:   Official Canada Post (Post Office Department) documents,
        releases, posters, literature, publications. No interest  
        in commercial products, such as souvenir collections, trin-
        kets, toys, etc.
Note:   Also looking for post office *** stamps, very early of-
        ficial guides, post office signs and other paraphrenalia.
                    CANADA ONLY PLEASE

Offer:  Extensive collection/accumulation of postally-used WW.
        Will respond to electronically submitted BRIEF (1 to 10
        items/list). Want lists with information on availability,
        quality, etc.
Want:   Collecting focus is on early Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland &
        Russia. Topical Interests: Art (paintings), Famous Women,
        Medicine.  Non-denominated definitives of any country or
        period. First issues from any country.
Note:   Am interested in establishing "trading" relationships with
        collectors in Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland - would exchange
        MNH "new issues" of our respective countries.

Offer:  British, Western Europe, Scandinavia MNH complete Sets.
Want:   British, Western Europe, Scandinavia MNH complete Sets,
        LH on older OK.
Note:   Interested in finding trading partners who have good NH
        material. I have several British S. Pacific islands I could
        trade to consolidate my British Europe, Western Europe, etc.

Offer:  Various worldwide.  Strong in US, P.R. China.
Want:   P.R. China, Hong Kong, Macao.
Note:   I mainly collect mint NH, but will trade all.

Offer:  All Kuwait stamps, mint never hinged (MNH) in complete sets.
Want:   Any country in the world, but they must be MNH and in very
        good condition. Also very interested in FDCs.
Note:   Am willing to buy

Offer:  Used worldwide.  strong in Canada, Hong Kong, Japan
Want:   Used worldwide (especially Europe, Africa, and Caribbean)
Note:   Trade small packets (50-100 stamps) 1 for 1.  Will try to
        tailor packets to what you want.  I am basically a novice
        collector looking to trade my mountain of Canadian dupli-  
        cates  for your mountain of duplicates of your country.

Offer:  Indonesia, Netherland Indies (mint and used)
Want:   Indonesia, Netherland Indies, Irian Barat (West Irian),
        Netherlands, New Guinea, Maluku Selatan, Japanese occupa-
        tion & the odd or unusual world wide. Also Buffalo, the
        American Bison type.
Note:   I have many duplicates of Indonesia/NedIndies from pre-
        1970. Need most of the issues since then.
                PLEASE DROP ME A LINE!!!

Offer:  duplicates of many worldwide, especially european coun-
        tries.  Will respond to requests for topicals.
Want:   worldwide from smaller countries OR topicals of Space,
        costumes, US Bicentennial or Universal Postal Union.(UPU)
Note:   Prefer to trade in packets of 50-75

Offer:  Stamps and other material from Sweden (a little ***
        country far away up in the north)
Want:   unused stamps, covers, stamped envelopes and other material
        related to The Red Cross.

Offer:  Used large/commem. stamps from US, Eastern Europe, topicals
        (trains, cars, animals, space, flowers, and more), and WW
Want:   Used large/commemorative stamps worldwide
Note:   Trade only on stamp-for-stamp basis, catalog value ignored

Offer:  Cheap stuff worldwide 2000+ stamps to trade or sell)
        Also, large number of 1950's US FDCs and Plate blocks
Want:   Russian civil war period. Pre-1925 Central/Eastern Europe,
        colonies & Asia.  Prefer mint. 2cent to $2 dollar range.

Offer:  US mint sheets of commemoratives 1947-1958;
        (plate) blocks of commemoratives from 1960s-present,
        ArtCraft FDCs from 1970s-early 1980s (most of this
        stuff was acquired from garage-sales).
Want:   Germany, pre-1938, esp. souvenir sheets, semi-postals,
        military issues like Waffen-SS, occupation overprints,
        Generalgouvernmentzone, etc.

Offer:  US commemoratives (mostly post 1930 unused), US revenue
        1st, 2nd, 3rd, some high denominations in 2nd issue, cut
        squares & stationery, private dies. US documents (pre-1900)
        some with revenues, stock certificates, proprietary, Xmas
        Seals (lots of full sheets).
Want:   US revenue 1st issue imperf,part perfs, double transfers
        only, any US revenue proofs and essays, private dies, beers,
        US documents with revenues, Xmas seals tied on cover, Xmas
        seal related material & plate proofs.
Interests: China, Topicals on Lizards

Offer:  Used US stamps, 1900 to 1995. Commemoratives & Regular issues.
Want:   Used France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland,
        Hungary & Poland. Commemoratives & regular issues.
Note:   I would like to trade in packets of 50 or 100, with the col-
        lectors from the above-named countries.  Will exchange a packet
        of US stamps for a similar sized packet from your country.

Offer:  Israel and a little from other countries.
Want:   South and middle America, Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa and
        new European Republics.
Note:   I collect mainly used stamps, but also have some mint.

Offer:  US used/mint, Aruba used/mint/FDC
Want:   Netherlands Antilles used or mint, and oficial FDCs

Offer:  Better 15 cent (or slightly higher) Scott. Africa, Latin
        America, Europe, U.S. left on original album pages.  
Want:   general foreign but only before 1941.
Note:   Will trade 1 for 1 or equal Scott.

Offer:  You look-out for what I want at local dealers & stamp shows
        & I do the same for you.
Want:   British Guiana, British Honduras and Mauritius: World War
        II censored covers and King George Sixth era (1938-52)
       ***End of Stamp Trader List, Part III, 6/10/95 update***
        Shalom..Phil Guptill..APS#114183..aka..The Gold Doctor