May Stamp Trader List, Part IV

May Stamp Trader List, Part IV

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This is Part IV of the STAMP TRADER LIST, and it contains the
e-mail address of stamp collectors who wish to establish connec-
tions and trade stamps with other people on the net.  If you have
any interest in trading with them, please contact them directly
by e-mail.

If you want to be added to, or deleted from the Stamp Trader List,
or need to modify your offers/wants, please send an e-mail to
Phil Guptill..aka..The Gold Doctor, at:

I've taken over the reins as the custodian of The Stamp Trader
List from Nancy Rabel Hall, who served in that capacity for some
2 years or so.  Unlike Nancy, a government employee with NASA,
I'm semi-retired and am in the midst of becoming a small time
stamp dealer, as well as continuing to wear my collector's hat.
I'm very much a newbie when it comes to the Internet & computers

and hope that you'll be able to bear with me as I learn about
the incredible new information hiway & the tools used to access
it.  All questions, comments & suggestions will be welcomed by
me, and I'll always try to be responsive.

As suggested by Nissim Francez, entries that have been added
will be identified by being enclosed with ************NEW ENTRY.
This should make it easier for people to see who has been added
to the list.  I'll also include the e-mail addresses of those
who requested to be removed from the list for any given month.

The present list is now in four parts.  The sign on portion of
e-mail addresses is in numerical & alphabetical order & deter-
mines the whereabouts of STL subscribers on the list.

For newcomers or those with modifications to their listing, it
will be appreciated very much if you will use a format similar
to those listings that appear on this edition of the list. That
will make it much easier for me to add your new entry or modi-
fication with a minimum of editing. Like Nancy, I'll try to
send an acknowledgement to everyone who e-mails me about any

matter relative to the Stamp Trader List. Hopefully, the list
will be posted at or near the beginning of every month.

Happy Collecting!!!

       S T A M P    T R A D E R    L I S T   P A R T   IV


Want:  Imperial Russia Used

Want:  Mint US (NH) Plate Blocks.  Still trying to complete a couple
       regular issue series.

Offer: Used stamps from US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Great
       Britain, Poland, Soviet Union, India, Italy
Want:  Bird Stamps (mint and used)

Offer: Mint and Used Worldwide Large Topicals Cat. $.25 and up.
Want:  Used Belgian Congo and other early African used.
Note:  Will trade 3x SCV for your used Belgian Congo, 4X for clear
       town date Cancels. Also TOPICAL interest = Camels.

Offer: Stamps from your country  
want:  Indian stamps
Note:  Trade by quantity, want lists or catalogue value. Mint or used.

Interests: worldwide geological (mint and used) rocks, minerals,
           fossils, dinosaurs, geophysics

Offer: Worldwide, especially the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Britian.
       I also have many FDC's from U.S.(1947-1980) and some U.S. plate  
       plate blocks.
Want:  U.S., Australia (& former provinces), Canada, Britian, Ireland,
       Switzerland, and France.
Note:  I use the Scott catalogue & have Scott based want lists I can
       send you. Please send your want lists. I will trade 1 for 1 for            
       low value, or equal value for higher priced items. I'm flexible.

Want:  Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland,
       Scandinavia, Hungary, Australia, Canada, New Zealand (mint or
       used), and I'm after want lists.  Newer countries of the former
       USSR, Yugoslavia and Czsechoslovakia (mint & used).
Offer: Scandinavia, Hungary, Germany (mostly after 1985), and small quan-
       tities (mostly new stuff) from the rest of Western Europe (used).
Catalogs: Michel, Scott, Gibbons (world), AFA (Western Europe) &
Facit (Scandinavia).
Note:  Want lists can be obtained from World-Wide Web (mosaic):
       URL =

Want:  Perfin stamps from the whole world. (=Stamps perforated with
       initials).  Playing card jokers (not on stamps).
       Used stamps for worldwide collection including local stamps.
Offer: Worldwide stamps, mostly used.

Want:  Vermont Postal History, Bureau & Local Precancels & Christmas
       seals tied on cover.          
Offer: U. S. especially 20th century mint, better U.S. Revenues and
       unusual lots (e.g. 1946 FDR topical with s/s & proofs)

Offer: US mint & used singles prior to 1975 & some plate blocks, as
       well as odds & ends of the world.
Want:  Portugal & colonies, mostly Mozambique & previous companies (?)
Note:  Willing to work out any trading agreement.

Offer: World wide used stamps, primarily last 35 years, good condition,
       commemoratives and/or definitives, also US commemoratives
Want:  Used stamps from Europe, Japan, ROC, Taiwan, NZ, Israel,
       Botswana & Brazil from 1960 to the present.
Note:  Interested in exchanging 1 for 1 in packets of 50 or 100, or in
       sending packets of stamps from which we each keep just those
       that we need.

Offer: Used picture stamps from Finland
Want : Stamps from all countries to fill up my worldwide collection
       Note:I could exchange small set (30 -100) of different Finnish
       stamps for stamps of your country. Specially I'm interested in  
       used picture stamps.

Offer: US used and 19th century world (emphasis on German/empire) used.
Want:  US 19th century used
Note : I am more concerned with the look of the stamp rather than
       investment potential. I just want to try and get one of each of
       as many as possible, so ugly spacefillers of rare stamps are ok.

Want:  US issues 1930-present. World Wide TOPICALS: birds, butterflies,
       air&space, & large worldwide picorials.  
Offer: Packets of  my extras/duplicates, US or mixed. Organized by coun-
       try/region. Could pick out topicals for outstanding trade offer.
Note:  I'm not an investment collector!!!

Offer: Croatia -- mint, used and FDC 1991-current
Want:  US -- mint 1985-1992 and current

Offer: world used.
Want:  Used Great Britain Victoria stamps with corner initials
Note:  Stamps for stamp or cat value for cat value (scott)

Want:  Mint US & Vatican.
Note:  I'm a novice collector

Offer: Used US F/VF commems, definitives, some with high values.
Want:  Any high value older U.S. used in fine-VF condition.

Offer: South Africa used both RSA and Union.                    
       Many FDC's of Southern Africa and commonwealth countries.
       Duplicates of mint and used Canada including booklets.    
Want:  Canada both mint and used and anything that looks intersting      
       of Canada. In particular booklets and coils always welcome.

Want:  USA, St. Helena, UN, Tristan da Cunha, Israel, Gambia, Bermuda
       and Ascension.
Note:  I'm a new collector, who only collects the above at this time.

Offer: Dutch & English stamps (a few of other countries)
Want:  World wide

Offer: Recent commemoratives and definitives (1980s, 1990s)
       Sweden used and mint, Australia, USA, Ireland, W/W mixes used.
Want:  Worldwide used/mint. TOPICALS: animals (land and sea, mammals,
       birds, fish, insects - the lot), plants&flowers, LOVE, Xmas,
       Greetings, trains, planes, boats, space, (cars,) royalties, Disney.
Note:  Also collects telephonecards. Trade them for stamps (will give
       20-30 used commems / telecard), postcards or other things.

Offer: Finnish mint and used stamps, FDC's and special postmarks.
       TOPICAL stamps world wide.
Want:  World wide stamps.
Note:  I'm looking for topical stamps concerning the history
       of the book and printing and particularly book painting
       (medieval miniatures, illuminated manuscripts).
       Send e-mail for my want list.

Offer: China, Hong Knog, Japan, Korea
Want:  Classic China, Forerunners of PRC, Classic Tibet and Mongolia
Note:  Stamps or Covers, mint or used

Want:  World-wide used (better or large preferred)
Offer: World-wide used (will match value for value)
Note:  Prefer to trade in lots of 50-200.  Has many U.S., Canada,
       Europe, particularly Germany to trade.  Ask about other areas.

Offer: Great Britain and Commonwealth, mint and used, covers, postmarks.
Want:  Great Britain, British Africa (except South Africa)Falklands,
       British Europe.  Concentrating now on earlier material,
       especially covers and used QV and KEVII.

Offer: 1950-now Canada, Around the world (used).
Want:  Canada, Germany, Switzerland, elsewhere pre-1973 .
Note:  Am interested in trading packages of 100-150 used stamps
       one-for-one. Have lots of commemoratives from around the
       world, especially Canada and Australia.

Offer: Have very large amount of Germany (all territories, occupations
       etc.) and Netherlands (also including colonies etc.), smaller
       amounts of other european countries and worldwide.
Want:  Germany (everything in the Michel catalog, including old states,
       occupations, Danzig, DDR etc.), Netherlands (including colonies)
       and Australia (including old British colonies).
Note:  I recently started collecting DDR and Australia and still need
       many common stamps from there.

Offer: Mostly British Commonwealth (Mint and Used) most pre - 1965, U.S.
       mostly recent used, assorted Worldwide mostly used - most pre-1970.
Want:  Mostly British Commonwealth (Mint and Used) - pre-1965.
Note:  Trade Cheaper values one for one, higher values Scott catalog.

Want:  Used African stamps, preferably post-colonial.
Offer: Not sure, novice collector, mostly recent U.S. (other?).

Want:  World wide used, but not much from the U.S., and Western Europe.  
Offer: Mainly world wide, most being from Western Europe and the United
       States, along with some from the Phillipines, and Iran.  
Note:  I'll be out of touch with e-mail from 5/18 until 8/29.      

Want:  Denmark, Greenland, The Faroes, Sweden and Norway. Used with com-
       plete cancels. Former Yugoslavia pre-1920 (Bosnia, Serbia etc).
Offer: Scandinavia (Mint/used), Balkan pre-1940.
The following people want to trade stamps, but don't have a complete
list of offers/wants:


   *****This is the end of Part IV of the May '95 Stamp Trader List*****

    Please bring any errors or omissions to my attention so that I can
    make any needed corrections for the June '95 edition.  Any comments
    about the Stamp Trader List will be more than welcome.

    Please "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Thanx!!

           Shalom..Phil Guptill..APS#114183..aka..The Gold Doctor