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   Currently with 1900+ listings, representing 86 countries


Some comments from David Gurevitz of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 "The STL does a very good job of stimulating many people to
 collect stamps again.  As you probably know, philately was
 becoming less popular in much of the world.  It was difficult
 to find traders to help us with foreign stamps.

 Now, with the help of the STL, I've made many good trades, and
 improved my collection quite a bit over the 15 months I've been
 listed with the STL.

 I've been in touch with many old stamp collectors, here in Brazil,
 who have never used a PC, and showing them the advantage of using
 a PC and connecting with the 'Net, and using the STL to improve
 their collections too.  Thank you very much for making the STL
 available to us."


    Some recent comments from Gina Philip of Portugal:

    "Not only did I start collecting actively again...thanks to the
    STL...but I've also made some dear friends.  I correspond with
    them on a very regular basis, besides exchanging stamps.  So
    you see that the STL helps to bring people together, on a truly
    worldwide basis.  Therefore, I suggest that all stamp collectors
    become members of the STL!  Who knows what such things might do
    for World Peace?"  


The Stamp Trader List (STL) contains the names & e-mail addresses
of stamp collectors who wish to establish connections & trade
stamps with other people on the Internet.  As the STL has grown
so large, we no longer post the entire complete updates to the
philatelic newsgroups on the Usenet portion of the 'Net, as we did
for so long.

We now post just Part I on the 1st day of each month, which con-
tains the names of those who's listings have been deleted, and
new listings added to the STL during the previous month.

The complete STL updates can now be found on our home page,
which is located in Denmark.  Both text and html versions of
the STL can be found there:

       URL:  http://www.FoundCollection.com/

We normally post 2 STL Sneak Previews a month, on the 10th & 20th
of each month, which contain new listings and deletes that have
been processed as of those dates.

As of June 1, 1999 the STL had 1865 listings, representing 85
different countries.

It's an introduction service with absolutely NO FEES OR CHARGES
involved.  It's up to STL subscribers to get in touch with some-
one who appears to have similar collecting or trading interests.

    **************ATTENTION COLLECTORS***************

Collectors MUST provide the STL with an e-mail address, regular
postal mailing address & full name before we will process new or
modified listings for the STL.  We appreciate phone & fax numbers
as well.  Personal information is for our files and eyes only!!!

Your hometown & state, or country will be of interest to many.
We won't include street or other forms of regular postal mailing
addresses for North America in the entries, nor do we recommend
such a practice in other parts of the world.

    **************ATTENTION STAMP DEALERS****************

If you are a DEALER, part-time or full time, we require the same
information as above. In addition, mention of the fact that you
are a dealer MUST be included in the NOTE portion of your entry,
& we REQUIRE phone numbers and fax numbers as well.


The most important things to be included in an STL entry are the
e-mail address, full name, Offers, Wants, Notes, Web Page address
and philatelic society affiliations.

In the note section, it's helpful to provide some info on how you
might like to trade.  With common stamps, most traders like to
trade on a 1 for 1 basis in packets of 25, 50, 100 or more.

If you would like to trade stamps with higher values, then it be-
comes important for others to know what catalogue you are using.  
In the US & Canada, the Scott catalogue is the one most used.  
However, in the rest of the english speaking world, the Gibbons
is usually used. Many other catalogues are used in non-english
speaking nations.

If you are a member of a philatelic society, include that info as
well, as there will always be those who would be much more will-
ing to trade or do business with those who are members of an or-
ganized philatelic group.

If you have a Web Page, add that information to your entry!  

The STL WILL NOT post detailed Want Lists or Have Lists. That's
a matter between the prospective trading partners.

It's recommended that you provide as much info of a general
nature as you can! Please try to keep your listing to no more
than 12 lines of text, with a maximum of 72 characters per line.

Here's a couple of examples of an STL entry in the present format!


Location:  Gijon, Asturias, Spain
Offer: Mint/used Spain, Spanish colonies and Andorra  
Want:  USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, &
       Italy - TOPICAL:  UPAEP  
Note:  I prefer to trade USA 1:1, and by catalogue value for the
       others.  In any event, I'm flexible and can always negotiate.
Societies: Philatelic Group from Gijon  


Location:  Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA
Offer: MNH/used USA--used Worldwide
Want:  Used Worldwide. TOPICAL: Military Tanks & Chess
Note:  Prefer to trade in packets of 50 or more, one for one.
Societies: APS 178018, ATA 51262-4, ISWSC 1535
WWW-Page:  http://www.FoundCollection.com/

Please follow the format of the above listings and don't send us
an e-mail filled with information and expect us to sort it out
into a listing for you.  Our time is precious too! :-)))

For those with web browsers, it's much easier for you and us, if you
use an online form to submit your proposed listing.  That form can be
found at the STL Web site in Denmark:


Only one entry per subscriber will be permitted in any single
update of the STL.  Occasional modifications are fine, but other
than changes of e-mail addresses, please limit those revisions
to no more than twice-a-year.  

Taking the time to have a WANT LIST & a HAVE LIST available to
e-mail or snail mail to other traders will greatly enhance your
chances to become a popular & good trading partner, especially
if you want to trade relatively uncommon philatelic items.  

You might not have anything available for trading purposes, but
that doesn't mean you can't list on the STL. Newcomers and those
who initially only wish to buy stamps are more than welcome to
participate.  On the other hand, we don't accept entries from
those who only wish to sell stamps.  It will be helpful if you
will indicate that you are willing to BUY or SELL stamps, if  
that happens to be true in your case.

The vast majority of the feedback that we get is quite good. The
most common lament or complaint has been about those who indicate
a wish to trade certain material, yet fail to send a reply of any
sort to some who sent e-mail to them to open up trade talks.

As this is written, the new number 1 complaint is about those un-
welcome e-mails that some dealers & "collectors" are e-mailing to
the entire STL, or portions thereof.  That's a dubious and ill-ad-
vised practice, called "spamming" on the 'Net, that we strongly
advise against.  Any STL listee who chooses to spam the STL will
have their listing deleted.  

In today's highly mobile society, it's understood that there will
be frequent changes of address or changes of online providers and
e-mail addresses.  Please be thoughtful of your fellow traders,
and provide the STL with any change of e-mail address, or a dec-
ision not to participate any longer, in a timely manner.


                       STL WEB SITES

For those with worldwide web access to the 'Net, the STL can be
downloaded or printed out, at many WWW sites.

Check out the STL home page.  It has a search tool, which pro-
vides traders with many different ways to access STL listings by
names, countries and different areas of collecting interest.

The Denmark site of STL is the first site to post updates. We urge
you to bookmark that URL as it is also the WWW page on which new
STL innovations will normally be introduced first.

The STL web site, located in Denmark:


More affiliated STL web sites:

  Hans Mortensen's Denmark site:      


  Patrick Hartnett's Canadian site:  


  Gary Silver's US site:


  Jose Rodenas's Spain site:



Late in the spring of 1995, there were no STL listees from Spanish or
Portuguese speaking nations.  Jose "Pepe" Rodenas, of Spain, was the
first to join, and thanks to his efforts, and those of Jorge Biera,
also of Spain, we now have a Spanish language version of the STL.
The LIS currently numbers about 200 listees, consisting of more than
10% of the worldwide listees, as this is written!!!  The LIS can be
found on the Spain site of Jose Rodenas, or go directly there:

  Spanish Language Version


The STL is also available from Ed Jackson's FTP site at the Uni-
versity of Georgia:    


Once in the archive, Ed has the STL as a complete file for Macs
and as a complete file for PCs. It's also available in generic
text as an 11 part file.


For those who might wish to access the STAMPS FAQ (frequently
asked questions) with a Net Browser, it's well maintained by
Tracy Barber.

You can find the Collecting Stamps FAQ at the following address:


This FAQ encompasses or will encompass rec.collecting.stamps.discuss,
rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace and just about anything to do with
stamps or postal history from any other source, from the Internet or

This is the FAQ that Gert Bultman worked on and maintained.  Gert has
since sanctioned my maintaining it.

For those who might wish to send written contributions for
the FAQ, send an e-mail to Tracy Barber:



For those who are newcomers to the philatelic community on the 'Net,
Joe Luft's home page is a great source of information and links
to anything that's philatelic in nature.


Linn's Stamp News, the world's largest weekly philatelic publica-
tion now has a very good search tool that is designed just for
collectors.  Unlike other search engines on the 'Net, this site
is devoted totally to stamp collecting related web sites.

It's easy to use and the URL for that site is:



Special thanks to Hans Mortensen, Jose Rodenas, Hans Karman,
Jorge Biera, Giorgio Chianetta, Gert Bultman, Joe Luft, Bjoern  
Munch and Patrick Lamastus for many valuable contributions to
the STL and the stamp collecting community on the Internet.


                        Stamp Trader List Statistics


                           JUNE 1ST, 1999 UPDATE


Country                 This Month    

Andorra                      1              
Argentina                   22              
Australia                   49              
Austria                      7              
Bahrain                      2              
Belarus                      3              
Belgium                     21              
Bolivia                      4              
Brazil                      37              
Bulgaria                     8              
Canada                     182              
Chile                       10              
China                       28              
Colombia                     7              
Costa Rica                   6              
Croatia                      8              
Cuba                         2              
Curacao                      1              
Cyprus                       1              
Czech Republic               5              
Denmark                     80              
Dominican Republic           1              
Ecuador                      1              
El Salvador                  3              
England                     52              
Estonia                      2              
Finland                     18              
France                      32              
Germany                     45              
Greece                       8              
Greenland                    1              
Guatemala                    1              
Honduras                     1              
Hong Kong                   11              
Hungary                      9              
Iceland                      4              
India                       12              
Indonesia                   15              
Ireland                      6              
Israel                      44              
Italy                       42              
Japan                        4              
Kuwait                       3              
Latvia                       4              
Lebanon                      1              
Lithuania                   10              
Luxembourg                   1              
Macao                        2              
Malaysia                    40              
Malta                        5              
Mexico                      16              
Namibia                      1              
Netherlands                 75              
New Zealand                 18              
Norway                      36              
Pakistan                     3              
Panama                       4              
Peru                        10              
Philippines                 24              
Poland                       8              
Portugal                    33              
Puerto Rico                  1              
Romania                      9              
Russia                      16              
Saudi Arabia                 1              
Singapore                   18              
Slovakia                     4              
Slovenia                    15              
South Africa                23              
South Korea                  1              
Spain                       84              
Sri Lanka                    2            
Sweden                      35              
Switzerland                  8              
Taiwan                       6              
Thailand                     2              
Turkey                       8              
Turks and Caicos Islands     1              
Ukraine                      6              
United Arab Emirates         3              
Uruguay                      5              
USA                        517              
Venezuela                    8              
Vietnam                      2              
Zimbabwe                     1              

Nations                     85              
Listings                  1865              


If you have any further questions about the Stamp Trader List,
just send an e-mail to:


June 5, 1999 revision