LSN: Linn's Stamp News June 13 highlights

LSN: Linn's Stamp News June 13 highlights

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The latest news, columns, and features from
the June 18, 2001 edition of Linn's Stamp News Online...
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Linn's Online News:

1. NEW! New Playing Fields stamps to debut June 27 before games
in Boston, Chicago and NYC
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 Following the buzz over last year's popular Legends of Baseball
 stamps, fans of American's second-favorite pastime (stamps are first)
 will have more to cheer about June 27, when the USPS issues 10 more
 baseball stamps. The new self-stick commemoratives (in an overall
 pane of 20) pay tribute to some of the game's storied ballparks.
 Associate editor Charles Snee discusses these and other U.S. Baseball
 stamps in this report.

2. NEW! Tough times ahead for postmaster general
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 A 23-year postal employee, the nation's 72nd postmaster general, John
 E. "Jack" Potter, faces a huge task. Washington Correspondent Bill
 files this story.

3. NEW! Tell Us Now
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 Tell Us Now, a new interactive poll feature on
 This week, tell us ... Each print issue of Linn's Stamp News presents
 the current year's U.S. Stamp Program, as complied by Linn's editors.
 How do you use this print version of the listing or any of the earlier
 listings online at


Linn's Online Columns:
1.  Editor's Choice: Periodical rates to go up again, and again
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 Postal rates for periodicals go up again at the end of this month, the
 second rate increase this year. Editorial director Michael Laurence has
 more in this week's Editor's Choice column.

2. Refresher Course: Postal souvenirs evoke slower, simpler time
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 Postal souvenirs, including a tiny bag of salt, a small tomahawk and a
 leather fish, are shown by senior editor Rob Haeseler in Refresher Course.

3. Duck Stamps: Executive order, law benefit duck stamp programs
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 Duck Stamps columnist Bob Dumaine discusses the potential benefits
 that a recent presidential executive order and law may bring to the
 United States federal and junior duck stamp programs.


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7. Linn's computer wallpaper:
the 1944 U.S. 3 Transcontinental Railroad Issue ("Golden Spike Ceremony"
Painting by John McQuarrie) Scott #922
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9. 2001 U.S. Stamp Program
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Column Previews
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1. Computers and Stamps: Powerpoint pages by William F. Sharpe
2. Insider: Swiss dealer by Les Winick
3. Kitchen Table Philately: Japan by E. Rawolik V
4. Meter Stamps: Cartoon characters by Doug Kelsey
5. Postal History: Naval mission to Brazil by Richard B. Graham
6. Postmark Pursuit: States by Rachel Supinger
7. Stamp Market Tips: St. Helena by John G. Ross
8. U.S. Notes: More congressional FDCs by John Hotchner
9. World of New Issues: Montserrat by Denise McCarty

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