Les Orphelins de l'Incursion

Les Orphelins de l'Incursion

Post by Michael Meadowcrof » Fri, 11 Apr 1997 04:00:00

If I ever manage to access fr.rec.philatelie I'll post this there, where
it more appropriately belongs; for the moment I'd appreciate any comment
from r.c.s readers.

Every now and again collectors acquire copies of what appears to a
charity issue (in USA "semi-postal") dating from the time of the Second
World War. It comprises five stamps 1f50+3f50, 2f40+7f60, 5f+15f,
10f+30f, and 20f+60f, in violet, brown, red, dark blue and sepia
respectively. They bear the legends "Postes" and "RF" and are entitled
"Orphelins de l'Incursion" ("Orphans of the Foray").

They come in sheets of 25 (5x5) which bear the name of a printer in
Vichy. There are sheets extant which also bear the name of an engraver
"J PIEL", who, when asked, many years ago, denied any connection with
the stamps. My enquiries in Vichy and elsewhere have also drawn blanks.

They are, undoubtedly, vignettes and never authorised for postage but it
is curious that no-one has ever managed to discover any information as
to their provenance.

Can anyone on this newsgroup solve the mystery?

Michael Meadowcroft