LSN: Linn's Stamp News May 15 highlights

LSN: Linn's Stamp News May 15 highlights

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The latest news, columns, and features from
the May 15 edition of Linn's Stamp News Online...

Linn's Online News:

1. NEW! Jerry Seinfeld calls 33 Seinfeld stamp 'one of the
most special honors we've had'

 What's it like being commemorated by a United States stamp?
 Because U.S. Postal Service guidelines prohibit honoring
 living individuals, we don't often get to ask. However,
 senior editor Michael Baadke posed that question to comedian
 Jerry Seinfeld, whose long-running television series Seinfeld
 was the subject of a 33 U.S. stamp issued May 2. You can
 read Seinfeld's comments in our exclusive interview.

2. NEW! Series also celebrated some of the living

 Did the Postal Service violate its own guidelines when it
 honored Seinfeld's show, or Bill Cosby's earlier TV series,
 or the Beatles? Senior editor Michael Baadke looks at living
 individuals who were named or otherwise noted in the
 150-stamp Celebrate the Century series.

3. NEW! Tell Us Now

 Tell Us Now, a new interactive poll feature on
 This week, tell us ... Through the back door, or at least,
 via the back of the stamp, more and more living people are
 being honored on United States stamps. This despite a 150-year
 tradition that living individuals not be portrayed on U.S.
 stamps. Do you think it's time for a change? Tell us now.

4. LAST WEEK! Almanac Contest
( http:/

 This is the last week to guess how many words are in the new
 Linn's World Stamp Almanac.


Linn's Online Columns:
1.  Editor's Choice: Rachel Supinger joins Linn's editorial staff

 Editor-publisher Michael Laurence introduces Linn's newest
 editorial member, Rachel Supinger.

2. Refresher Course: International Reply Coupons are collectible

 In his Refresher Course column, senior editor Michael Baadke
 describes how International Reply Coupons are collected.
 He also provides a short history of the IRC as well.


Regular Features

1. Linn's Zillions of Stamps!

2. Linn's StampSites
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3. New Issues: Oceania

4. Search New online classified ads!

5. Stamp collectors' reference area

6. Linn's Bookstore

7. Linn's computer wallpaper:
Love You Mother stamp from the U.S. 1987 22 Special Occasions
booklet (Scott 2273)

8. Stamp Events calendar

9. 2000 U.S. Stamp Program

10. 2000 Canada Stamp Program

11. 2000 U.N. Stamp Program


Column Previews

1. Asia: Trade Exhibition stamps
2. Computers and Stamps: Scott U.S. CD-ROM by William Sharpe
3. Insider: Slabbing debate by Les Winick
4. Kitchen Table Philately: Ireland by E. Rawolik VI
5. Meter Stamps: Great Britain by Doug Kelsey
6. Postal History: Ship 3 rate by Richard B. Graham
7. Postmark Pursuit: *** cancer research by Rachel Supinger
8. Stamp Market Tips: Belgium by John G. Ross
9. U.S. Notes: CSA dot-on-forehead by John Hotchner

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