WNS & UPU IB Circulars cannot be trusted

WNS & UPU IB Circulars cannot be trusted

Post by Victor Mant » Wed, 19 Sep 2012 06:44:56

I tried to identify the status of some stamps offered on the Web, by using
the UPU Circulars related to illegal stamps and the WNS database. The
results were disappointing. My conclusions:
- The existing UPU Circulars, that either don't describe the stamps that
they denounce or describe them very succinctly, are of little or no use for
the identification of illegal stamps.

- The WNS database, full of holes as it is after more than 10 years from its
start, is of little or no use either

Read more on the new page:

Hopefully the delegates at the UPU Congress will decide on 26 September some
efficient measures to improve the situation.

Victor Manta, PWO, AIJP

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