Even more hologram stamps found

Even more hologram stamps found

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And they just keep on coming....

          Here's a re-updated list (7Sep96)...

                        H O L O G R A M   S T A M P S

Hologram Stamps Issued

Reproductions of stamps in non-postally-valid holographic form (i.e. types of
China pasted to post office produced greetings folders) or post cards issued by
governments where the hologram is not part of the postage indicia on the
address side, are not listed (i.e. Hungary, 1995).  Souvenir sheets with
holograms outside the perforated areas of the stamps in them are listed and are
noted (even though the actual postage part of the sheet has no hologram on it).

Country    Date of Issue   Scott Nr. & Descr.
Austria    18/10/88        1441    Made in Austria Logo
Brazil     14/10/89        2210    SS Art Biennial Logo
USA        13/12/89        U617    Space Envelope 25c
USA        ---unk-- ('94)  ----    -- Same -- USPS Stamped Env. Agcy
                                      "Sample" overprint  
SF         19/01/90        810-11  P&T Logo
USA        19/09/95        U618    Football Envelope
Hungary    16/11/91        Unk     Wappen SS (black numbers on back)
Hungary    16/11/91        Unk     -- same -- (red numbers on back)
Hungary    16/11/91        Unk     -- same -- imperforate (not known if
                                      with red or black numbers)
                                      (only 8000 perf. SS issued - may
                                      even include imperfs)
Poland     16/11/91        3056    Butterfly SS (Only animated hologram        
                                      ever used on on a stamp.)
USA        21/01/92        U625    Space Envelope 29c
USA        ---unk--        n/a     Space Envelope 29c, recycled paper
SF         08/05/92        886-8   Trees
Canada     01/10/92        1442    Space
S Marino   26/03/93        1280    Space (holo on 1 stamp of 3 in SS)
SF         06/05/93        ----    Nordic Exh. Postcard set with cachet        
                                      advertizing Setec-Oy, hologram          
                                      stamp printers in Finland. Has          
                                      Nondenominated indicia (inscribed        
                                      only "postage paid").  Not truly        
                                      classifiable as denominated postal      
                                      paper in postcard form.(??)
Mongolia   27/08/93        2139    Zeppelin (Block of 4 in SS)
Guyana     --/--/94        unk     E. Presley MS4 of 1 design printed          
                                      on holographic foil, die perfs.  
Guyana     --/--/94        unk     E. Presley SS of one stamp, as              
HKK        15/02/94        23&636  Postcard set - normal (non-holo            
                                      stamps), with Holopics on                
                                      picture side
Isle Man   05/07/94        535C    Queen Elizabeth (minisheet of 10)
NZ         20/07/94        1225    Moon Landing (minisheet of 10)
Bhutan     11/11/94        n/a     Moon Landing 2 diff holo stamps in          
                                      SS (only 25,000 issued)
Tonga      14/12/94        n/a     Space self-adhesive in Booklet
Tonga      14/12/94        n/a     -- as above -- Specimen overprint
SF         30/01/95        n/a     Children's tales - 8 diff se-tenant        
                                      in booklet pane
Australia  05/04/95        n/a     Opals on 2 diff
USA        22/09/95        n/a     Space Envelope 32c, recycled paper
Malaysia   12/21/95        n/a     Satellite Launch commem.
China (PR) --/--/96        n/a     UPU 120th Anniv SS (1994) with 1999        
                                      Congress promo O/P & added hologram      
                                      of UPU symbol in LL margin outside      
                                      of stamp perfs. Issue Nr. PJZ-2 on      
                                      issue Nr. 1994 (1-1)J.
China (PR) --/--/96        n/a     Bamboo SS (1993 Nr. 7-7) with O/P and      
                                      Panda Hologram added outside the        
                                      stamp's perforations
Thailand   09/06/96        n/a     King's 50th coronation Anniv set (5)        
                                      with holo of King profile on one        
                                      3baht stamp in set (rest paper only)
Thailand   09/06/96        n/a     -- as above -- but souvenir sheet          
                                      of set plus label in bl of 6
Hong Kong  --/--/97        ---     Hologram stamp planned - reported being    
                                      produced in UK.    

NOTE:  Phosphor tagging and watermark varieties exist on all the US

SF = Finland
NZ = New Zealand
SS = Souvenir Sheet
Wappen = Province Coats of Arms  

Good hunting...

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