Beginning Exhibiting Chat 5/29: Delphi

Beginning Exhibiting Chat 5/29: Delphi

Post by Lloyd de Vri » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

If you've ever thought about exhibiting and want to know more, or are
already an experienced exhibitor and want to share your knowledge, or
are somewhere in between, joining Janet Klug Friday evening at 9 pm
Eastern for a discussion of starting to exhibit.

This one-time chat will be held in the Chat Room of Delphi's Stamps,
Coins & Postal Forum,

Access is free, but first-time visitors will be asked to register, so
allow a few extra minutes for that. You won't be asked for a credit
card number, just easy stuff like "gender" and "zip code" (not needed
for non-US folks).

Klug has developed approximately 25 exhibits in her two decades as an
exhibitor, most of them "fun" exhibits.  Her Tonga exhibit has grown
from a two-frame "Certificate of Participation" to a Gold-Medal
winner.  An accredited judge since 1991, she is currently vice
chairman of the Committee on the Accreditation of National Exhibitions
& Judges of the American Philatelic Society.  She is also Secretary of
the APS.

Klug also hosts a monthly chat for the Tonga & Tin Can Mail Study
Circle on Delphi, and writes for a variety of publications.