help help help (part 2)

help help help (part 2)

Post by Marco Sampa » Sun, 24 Aug 1997 04:00:00

[This followup was posted to rec.collecting.stamps and a copy was sent to
the cited author.]

> I asked you for the year of issue of my stams. I got an E-mail who sais
> that my stamps are from Austria. On the stamps the name of the country is
> Deutchrchorerreich ( : above the o). Is that means that these stamps are
> from Austria from the time of the Nazi conquer or when the Nazis were in
> the head of germany?
> And again i ask from you if you can to tell me the year of issue of these
> stamps who were bought in hellers or any other information on them (some of
> them were cut by scissiors).
>                 Thanx for your help

>                                              Omri Aizik

The stamps are from Austria.
I think the correct name (inscription) is: Deutscheosterreich.
The stamps were issued during the WWI, between 1918 and 1921.

Any doubt about other stamp, just ask.
Marco Sampaio
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