Its Cinderella Time~NZ Conservation week.

Its Cinderella Time~NZ Conservation week.

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NZ 1986 Conservation Week 1986 (printed on invisible gum side)
Here in Oz, over 20 yrs later, and we are still drinking water from plastic bottles,
and consuming plastic bags at the supermarket checkout,
A Norwegian Oil platform has been spewing oil and gas into the pristine Indian Ocean
now for over a month off the North of our state (out of sight, out of mind)
Yep, we in Aus are doin allright, thank you Sir.
Just don't consult the whales or the turtles.


Seals  for 1986 have been printed  by Universal Printers Ltd
of Wellington on  gum ***d  paper in  full colour, rouletted. They are printed
on white gum-***d  paper, smooth on  the ungummed side,  rougher
horizontally ribbed on the invisibly gummed side.

The lettering and darker upper sky areas range from light blue-royal blue - dark blue
to mauve on different sheets. As in 1985 these seals are sponsored by Ciba-Geigy
New Zealand Limited. Caltex Oil  (NZ) was the sponsor from at least 1973 to 1984.

An interesting feature is the printing of some sheets on the gummed  side,  apparently
in  error. They are found sprinkled through a bundle, usually in small batches. They
will not stick in the usual way, but will only stick face down. While they could be
used on the inside of glass windows (wetting the face does not disturb the printing)
they are not intended for this. They seem to appear at random, in the ratio of about one
sheet in three in our supplies. The gum not being visible.

There are imperforate sheets of each type, and grossly misplaced roulettes

These were "envelope seals" up to 1984 .Although in 1985 and 1985 it is not stated on
the sheet what they are supposed to be used for, they would be intended for the same
purpose as previously.
The artist is Noel Hill who was also the designer of two different bookmarks , also
produced in full colour for Conservation Week 1986 (the first week in August).