Help -- unsticking recent commemoratives

Help -- unsticking recent commemoratives

Post by BSmith55 » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00

A non-profit group I volunteer with was recently given a stamp collection
which I volunteered to review and dispose of -- unfortunately, most of it
was used U.S. commemoratives from the 1930s on.  (The organization works
with children adopted from foreign countries.  I plan to supplement the
collection with some fun foreign for distribtuion to the kids.)

The collection did have a lot of mint blocks from the 1970s which are at
least valuable as postage.  Unfortunately most of them were stored in a way
so that they are at least partially stuck together.  Does anyone have any
suggestions for the best methods of unsticking them enough (while retaining
some gum, if possible) so that they can be used for mailings by the


Scott Smith