A slow let down.

A slow let down.

Post by Tony Clayto » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 06:48:37

Having found four mint stamps of German Post Offices in Morocco
in an old collection I have acquired, a quick look in my catalogue
got me e***d.

The stamps were the 1p25 on 1m, 2p50 on 2m, 3p75 on 3m, and 6p25 on 5m.
(SG 35, 36, 37 and 38)

An initial glance suggested that they were catalogued at 375 GBP

I then noticed that it said No wmk at the top of the listing -
mine had watermark lozenges. So I looked a little lower.

Ah the next list mentions Wmk lozenges.  Total now seemed to be 250 GBP
but wait, there was no 3p75 on 3m listed.

A little lower it said 'As last, but name spelt Marokko'.
Oh dear. My stamps indeed said Marokko (why on earth did
they spell it wrong for 12 years), and not Marocco.

Total is now down to 32.50 GBP.

Ah well, such is life.  They are nice looking stamps anyway
in really bright clean condition with very small 'stamp selvedge'
hinge remnants.

I then found another high value mint - No watermark 3m violet-black
of Germany with 26 x 17 holes (SG 80A).  Now that is 225 GBP.  Nice!

Finally, to finish an interesting day, I noticed that the postmark on
an 1872 half groschen (SG 18, cat 3.50 GBP) said (very clearly)
CONSTANTINOPEL making it a much more interesting stamp
(German POs in Turkish Empire, SG Z20 Cat 42 GBP)!


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A slow let down.

Post by derbybo » Fri, 22 Apr 2005 19:33:34

The opposite sometimes occurs. A very old friend of mine who
specialises in The Territory of New Guinea and Papua, (he is writing a
book on New Guinea and is probably the world's leading philatelic
authority on the Huts and Birds issues) wrote to me enclosing some NWPI
stamps he had found in an old box. He had acquired them about 40 years
ago when he toyed with the idea of collecting them. He thought they
were worth a small amount of money but asked me if I wanted any and if
not to dispose of them on his behalf. There were some 5 or 6 sparsely
filled stock pages of stamps.
On the 1st page there were mint pairs of the 1/2d green, the 1d and 4d
KGV, and 2d,3d,6d and 9d Kangaroos. There were 2 pairs of each.
Normally one would expect SG102 - 1.25, SG103 - 2.50, etc. No pair
would be catalogued at more than about 20. However all the KGV and
Kangaroo pairs were 3rd setting from the bottom left and right of the
pane having the substitued cliches giving horizontal settings AC and BC
rather than all C! Not only that but the Kangaroo issues were all 1st
watermark making them the most expensive of the issue. Not only that -
the 6d value had inverted watermark making the pair catalogue at 200
without the setting variety! It is one of 2 such pairs known with
inverted watermark. The catalogue is behind as it is much much rarer.
The following 4 pages did not disappoint as each stamp turned out to be
the most expensive in it's range! I disposed of them for my friend for
over 2,500 and he was absolutely delighted. He would have been happy
with 1/10th of the final price.