FS: Japan 20 cent Sale (Even the $80 stamp!)

FS: Japan 20 cent Sale (Even the $80 stamp!)

Post by Cfmye » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have been selling entire country collections for 10 cents per stamp.
The response has been really good, and everybody seems to be really happy.
(References available!)  The next country to be sold is Japan.  Due to the
extreme number of high-value stamps I have found, I'm asking 20 cents per
stamp.  Let me list a few of the high-value stamps I have identified so

55, 56, 57, 85, 86, 200 (MH), 201 (MH), 214/217, 223/226 (MH), 230/233,
280/283 (MH), 292/293 (MH), 303/306 (MH), 308/311 (MH), B8/B10, M2 or M3
(can't tell which).  These stamps alone have a catalog value of $350.  And
there are a lot more stamps.  There are several stamps earlier than these.
 I only looked up the ones that were easily matched to the pictures in the
Scott catalog.  (What can I say?!)

Most of the stamps are mixed MH and used.  There's a few MNH in later

insured mail = $133 total.  (This price is if you buy _all_ 640 stamps.)

Did I mention there are also  stamps from Japan Offices in China and

Here's the stats everybody wants to know:
83 regular issue before 1916
102 from 1916-1940
130 in the 1940s
127 in the 1950s
3 Semi Postals 1930s
7 Semi Postals 1940s
2 Office in Formosa
17 Air Mail 1950s
9 Offices in China
9  Kiauchau
Balance from 1960s
Counts may vary by a couple.  Tis hard to count stamps!

These stamps are for collectors only--those of you who collect stamps
because you like stamps!  Most were collected during the 1940s and 1950s.
Some show damage such as being stuck to the page.  Some have small brown
spots due to humidity.  #201 has a small piece of the corner missing.
(Hey, if you're paying 20 cents for an $80 stamp, you can't expect to get
all the stamp! <g>).  Dealers who want MNH, superbly centered, perfect
gum, no fingerprints, etc. should look to another source!

This is a good opportunity for somebody to get a lot of older Japanese
stamps for a reasonable price.  And if you are not 100% happy, you can
return the whole lot for a full refund.  

If interested, please leave e-mail.
Thanks much.
Charlie Myers
APS 172840