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I have been an art dealer for 27 years and owned my first gallery in
1970.  I am not interested in selling you art, However I have written
a "Guide to Art Investment and Collecting" that will tell you:

How to Buy Art Wholesale like a Dealer...

The Difference Between "Kitsch," "Decorative" and "Fine Art..."

What's considered "Decorative" and What's Not...  Why?

Buying at Auction and Watching the Dealers...

When to stop bidding...

What to Look For, What to Buy, How Not to Act on "Impulse..."

How to Deal with Artists, Galleries & Publishers...

Don't be a Tourist...

Buy the Right Art at the Right Price.  Art That Is Traded
Internationally.  Art that will Increase in Value...  Art that
is or will be shown in Museums throughout the World.

What to look for at Art School Shows & Graduate Student Exhibitions...

(Yes, I support purchasing art by "unknowns" under
certain circumstances.  It's ok to be interested in Investment
as well as Art.  Even Picasso picked his Dealers well!)

You can Buy Art You Like That Will ALSO
Increase in Value...  

When and Why to Buy Art You Like That Will NOT
Increase in Value...   How can you tell?

I created a booklet, yes a booklet, but one full of information
for the Novice and Experienced Collector of Fine Art.

Its title:   "Underground Guide to Art Investment and Collecting"

Please send $10.00 to:

Art Investment
Online Marketing
P.O. Box 30827
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery
Thank you and Good Collecting!