LSN: Linn's Stamp News, October 13

LSN: Linn's Stamp News, October 13

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The latest news, columns, and features
from Linns Stamp News Online

1.  Specially die-cut Bugs pane
may become modern rarity
2.  ICS charges Mystic ad violates
3. Royal mail threatens to burn Diana stamps

1.  Editors Choice: Looking back at FIP
2.  Refresher Course:  Stamp types provide
collectors with choices

1.  US Stamp Program
2.  New Issues : Asia, part 2
3.  Online classified ads
4.  Stamp collectors reference area
5.  Linns Bookstore
6.  Placing a classified word ad online!

1.  Cinderella Scene: Stamp show
2. Collecting FDCs: 1909 covers
3. Great Britain: Modern era
4. Insider: W. Australia
5. Italy: Postal fraud
6. Kitchen Table Philately: Off paper
7. Postal History: Sports covers
8. Postmark Pursuit: Air Force cancels
9. Stamp Market Tips: Brunei
10. Notes: Officially sealed
11. World of New Issues: Norway

Linns Online News:

1.  Specially die-cut Bugs pane may
become modern rarity

        The specially die-cut Bugs Bunny pane
that was produced with the 10th stamp imperforate
is fueling intense  speculation among dealers.  Scott Publishing
has even assigned it a major catalogue number.  Senior editor Rob
Haeseler has all the details you need to know.  

2.  ICS charges Mystic ad violates copyright

        International Collectors Society (ICS) brought suit against
Mystic Stamp Company for copyright infringement and unfair
competition, a suit stemming from Mystics adverti***t for
St. Vincent Marilyn Monroe stamps.  Senior editor Michael
Baadke reports on the situation and on ICSs official statement.

3.  Royal mail threatens to burn Diana stamps

        The British Princess Diana memorial stamps that were
put on hold at the request of Dianas brother Earl Spencer and his
 family may be burned if approval is not given shortly.
Glen Stephens explains in this issue of Linns.  

Linns Online Columns:

1.  Stamp types provide collectors with choices

        In his weekly "Refresher Course" column, Michael Baadke
explains how choosing a specific collecting area can help collectors
focus their collections and limit the costs of collecting.  

2.  Editors Choice:  Looking back at FIP

        Editor Michael Laurence reflects on the 50th anniversary of
United States membership in FIP and poses the question
"Who needs FIP?"

Regular Features

1.  US Stamp Program

2.  New Issues : Asia, part 2

3.  Online classified ads

4.  Stamp collectors reference area

5.  Linns Bookstore

6.  Placing a classified word ad online!

Column Previews

Cinderella Scene:   Stamp show by L.N. Williams

The first philatelic exhibition of any pretensions produced the
 first stamp show cinderella in 1881, Cinderella Scene columnist
L.N. Williams explains.


Collecting FDCs:  1909 covers by Allison Cusick

Allison Cusick takes a look at a new handbook on first-day covers
of the 1909 commemorative stamps in the Collecting FDCs column.
 This book by Robert P. Colby and Robert F. Drummond handbook
 features a census of the documented first-day and early-usage covers
of these stamps.


Great Britain:  Modern era by L. Rosenblum & D. Alderfer

British issues of the past 30 years that are difficult to find despite
fact that they are inexpensive. He also suggests some reasons why
these particular stamps are so difficult for collectors to locate.


Insider:   W. Australia by Les Winick

Les Winick in The Insider brings to a happy conclusion a philatelic
scandal involving the former premier of Western Australia.


Italy:   Postal fraud  Robert E. Lana

Just because a stamp didn't get postmarked doesn't mean it is legal
to reuse it. On the contrary, the reuse of postage stamps is
expressly against the law.

The same was true more than a century ago in Italy, but our columnist
Robert E. Lana shares an interesting example of postal fraud from the
days when stamps were still new.


Kitchen Table Philately:  Off paper  by E. Rawolik V

A foreign mixture advertised as containing 300 large stamps is the
subject of this week's scrutiny in Kitchen Table Philately.


Postal History:   Sports covers  by Richard B. Graham

In his Postal History column, Richard B. Graham examines United States
illustrated covers related to sports: the Olympic Games, professional
baseball, college football, and amateur golf.


Postmark Pursuit:   Air Force  by Jennifer York

The 50th anniversary of the United States Air Force inspired a
number of commemorative cancels. Find them listed in
Jennifer York's Postmark Pursuit column.


Stamp Market Tips:  Brunei  by John G. Ross

In this week's Stamp Market Tips column, John G. Ross
recommends Brunei's 1952 Sultan and River Scene
definitives and the United States 1994 pane of 50
World Cup stamps.


U.S. Notes:   Officially sealed   by John Hotchner

In his U.S. Notes column, John M. Hotchner displays a
cover so mangled by its travels that it took six Officially
Sealed labels to keep it together.


World of New Issues:   Norway  by Denise Hatton

Many postal administrations create stamp clubs for children.
The Norwegian post office recently introduced such a club and
 issued two interesting stamps to mark its launch. Senior editor
Denise Hatton provides more details in the
World of New Issues column.

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