APS Chapters, Affiliates on Delphi

APS Chapters, Affiliates on Delphi

Post by Lloyd de Vri » Sun, 12 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Three American Philatelic Society chapters and an affiliate have taken
advantage so far of Delphi's offer for free websites:  The West Side
Stamp Club (#761) in Lakewood, Colorado; the Tallahassee Stamp & Cover
Club (#1414), and the Warrenton (***ia) Stamp & Coin Club (#1492),
plus the Bureau Issues Association.

More are on the way.

Delphi's Stamps, Coins & Postal Forum is providing not only the space
but also writing, editing, scanning and HTML help; chapters and
affiliates are not required to use only Delphi for their websites, but
may have other websites, if they wish.

The link to these web sites is about halfway down the left column at