FS : Topicals

FS : Topicals

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I have updated a very extensive list of philatelic material from FRANCE,
FRENCH ANDORRA, MONACO & FSAT with all the topicals from 1938 to 1996.
Name the topics you want and I'll send you a list of material available
(other material also available, so please enquire). Topicals lists
include :
Actors, Aid, Theater, Airport, Arts, Archery, Paintings, Sports, Olympic
Games, Soccer, Planes, Boats, Castles, Space, Mushrooms, Geology, Fauna,
Flora, Oceanography, Dogs, Circus, Bridges, Chess, Medicine, Famous
people, Religion, Earthenware, Europa, Communications, War, Definitives,
Butterflies, Craftmanship, Folklore, Army, WWF, Fantasy, Economy, Poets,
Fish, Flowers, Generals, History, Liberation, Lions club, Litterature,
World Cup...
...plus many more.

Large stocks available of these plus othere French colonies stamps, old
and new. Stamps are in superb mnh, very fine mint and very fine used, in
singles or year sets. I'll be waiting for your queries/want lists.

Francois Olivier Deliot

Snail mail :
F.O. Deliot
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