FS large lots & collections

FS large lots & collections

Post by Bill Boom » Mon, 19 Jan 1998 04:00:00

BILL'S PHILATELIC BARGAINS   It seems as if the last few months have I have been
doing nothing but sorting stamps and adding to my web page at    
http://www.dlcwest.com/~bill.boomer/   There are literally hundresd of lots for sale.  I
have among others  Over 200 s/s + many complete sets on the Complete sets and Singles
& S/S page .   On the world page I have to offer the following
plus many many more

DESCRIPTION: USA SPACE SHUTTLE COVER #1909 $9.35 Eagle tied on cachet
cover flown in Space aboard
Challenger Space Shuttle. Cancelled Kennedy Space Center Aug. 14, 1983. Also has
Launched Aug.30 1983 & Returned To
Earth Sept. 5 1983 Cancels 1996 Cat. value US$95.00 selling at 40% off
PRICE: US$57.00   ( ON American Stamps page )

LOT# W236
DESCRIPTION: 10,000 world all diff 140 countries are represented here some have only
one stamp others have more. It takes a lot of time and work to assemble this many diff
stamps into one lot. Talk about an instant collection. Will keep you busy a long long time.
PRICE; US$ 230 NOW ON SALE US $200 C$275

LOT#: W584
DESCRIPTION: BERLIN 404 all diff used + 2 s/s mixed mint and used many complete
sets / on stock sheets in Scott order/ nice lot
PRICE: US$ 150.00

China & Canada jointly issued stamps to honor DR. Bethune. I have one of the souvenir
editions left. It contains se-tennant stamps from both China & Canada as well as first day
covers from both. All are enclosed in the souvenir folder. only one left
PRICE: US$ 20.00

LOT# W441
DESCRIPTION: CHINA LUNAR NEW YEAR PACK fact filled folder includes a
souvenir sheet from Canada, 4 stamps in two designs from PROC a souvenir sheet from
Hong Kong and the story of the Chinese New Year.  For Year of the OX
PRICE: C$ 21.95 US$ 16.50

LOT# W513
DESCRIPTION: This is a wonderful collection of WEST GERMANY from 1949 until
some of 1997. There were about 1250 stamps issued during that time. This lot has about
1190 of these sorted in order by Scott catalogue #'s all are nice stamps and a lot of work
has gone into this. They are enclosed in a soft cover German stock book with protectors
between the pages. 24 pages of stamps. Total catalogue value is about US$700.00 Most
of the work is done for you and NOT included in the price.
PRICE: C$ 590.00 US$455.00

LOT# W500
DESCRIPTION: IRAQ--A very nice collection still on pages ( I don't have the heart to
break this one up.) About 675 stamps some mint most used. It is unusual to find this many
at once already sorted and mounted. A quite a few are in mounts.A lot of time has been
put in by someone.
PRICE: C$80.00 US$60.00

LOT#: W560
DESCRIPTION: NETHERLANDS over 1000 all diff used + some duplication not
counted-- over US$260 in 240 semi postal stamps alone-- potential high catalogue value --
sorted on black vario pages-- excellent deal at this price
PRICE: C$240.00 US$ 175.00

LOT#: W540
DESCRIPTION: NEW ZEALAND 2 circuit books, 265 stamps mint & used
from #820 to O446 lots of nice stamps catalogue value over US$265 sell about 1/2
catalogue PRICE: C$185.00 US$ 133.00

LOT# W431
DESCRIPTION: TOGO 66 complete sets, about 375 stamps used sorted
PRICE: US$ 45.00

LOT# W433
DESCRIPTION: TURKEY over 700 all diff. used and mint sorted on stock
sheets by Scott#'s 50 or 60 duplicates not counted good Cat. value
PRICE: US$ 30.00

 Hundreds more lots for sale