Perfins Chat on Delphi May 24th

Perfins Chat on Delphi May 24th

Post by Lloyd de Vri » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

Some of the top perfin experts in the world will be present for a chat
about this philatelic specialty May 24th at 3 pm Eastern in Delphi's
Stamps, Coins & Postal Forum,

The mid-afternoon time is designed to allow perfin collectors outside
the United States attend.

The session will be hosted by ***ia Beach, ***ia, collector Joe

Access to Delphi's Stamps, Coins & Postal Forum is free.  The Forum
also features an active message board with the latest news and
information about a wide variety of philatelic areas, from politics to
postal (Hmmmmmm. Maybe those two aren't that far apart.)

If you have questions about perfins and can't make the chat -- the
first of a series of monthly perfin chats on the third Sunday of each
month -- post a note in the Message Board of the Forum.