Cook Islands and Pitcairn Islands -- OPG Auction #3

Cook Islands and Pitcairn Islands -- OPG Auction #3

Post by Richard Par » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Collectors of the World ---

Oceania Philatelic Galleries announces it's E-Mail Auction #3
featuring 197 lots to include:

        1. Countries of British Oceania;
        2. Malaya/Malaysia Country Collections;
        3. Topical Collections;
        4. Covers of the World.

Point your browser to ==>

I hope you enjoy perusing them.  The auction format is easy to use.
You merely complete the information concerning your name, address,
etc. and then scroll down through the lots entering your bids directly
across from the lot of choice. (No separate bid sheet is required).
Once you complete you bidding, merely go to end of bid sheet and click
on "Submit Bid" and your bids will be e-mailed to me.  Every bid will
be verified by return e-mail.  I think you find this format easy to

!!!! Please note that all lots have a reserve of 70% of Suggested Bid

If you encounter any problems, please let me know and I will be glad
to assist you.  You may wish to merely comment and please do so.  It
is the main way I know how to improve these auctions.

If you wish not to receive any future notices of these auctions,

name immediately.

If you have suggestions for future auctions -- countries you would
like offered, etc. -- please e-mail me and I will try and include your
requests in future auctions.

I hope you enjoy these E-Mail auctions and look forward to hearing
from you soon.

Richard M. Parke

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