Australian stamps - Swedish stamps

Australian stamps - Swedish stamps

Post by Ann-Louise Paulsso » Sun, 08 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi everyone!

I'm a 27 year old girl from Sweden who have fallen in love with the
stamps from Australia, and I would like to exchange stamps with someone
in Australia. I can offer you Swedish stamps, both used and mint, and in
return I would like Australian stamps. I prefer mint stamps, but if it's
a nice postmark on it then it's ok with used ones too. I've some special
stamps that I would really like to get, among them the Pets stamps that
were released earlier this year, and the stamps with Dolls and Bears,
but also a lot of others. E-mail me and we can exchange adresses, please
e-mail me directly and do not post the reply here since I don't check
the newsgroups very often. Thanks, look forward to hear from You!!!

My homepage:


Australian stamps - Swedish stamps

Post by JRoegn » Mon, 09 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hello !

   I live in the USA and have been getting my  Australian stamps direct
from the  philatelic bureau.  They take major credit cards for payment and
the service is good.   It takes about 6 weeks for an order to get filled.

Ask for the  Specialist Edition bulletin  if you like to order all of the
varieties To get that write to them at

Australian Stamp Bulletin
Locked Bag 8
South Melbourne VIC  3205

It would be best to go ahead and place an order for what you want
immediately so you get them.  If you collect everything Australian you
might want to order the Pacific97 souvenir sheet as they didn't print very

Australian Philatelic Bureau
Australia Post
GPO Box 9988
Melbourne VIC  3001

their website's address is\

Hopefully you can find the Pet issue still available, The Bears and Dolls
should be, mine came in the mail last week.

good luck !
Joe Roegner