LSN: Linn's Stamp News Nov. 13 highlights

LSN: Linn's Stamp News Nov. 13 highlights

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The latest news, columns, and features from
the Nov. 13 edition of Linn's Stamp News Online...
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Linn's Online News:

1. NEW! Honoring Veterans stamp unveiled in Washington Nov. 9 )

 The United States Postal Service will unveil the design of
 the new Honoring Veterans stamp Nov. 9 at the Department of
 Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C. Associate editor
 Charles Snee has the story.

2. NEW! 'Linn's Focus on Forgeries' released as expanded book
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 Linn's has released a revised and expanded edition of
 "Linn's Focus on on Forgeries: A Guide to Forgeries of
 Common Stamps" by Varro E. Tyler. The new book features
 321 different stamps and their forgeries as analyzed in
 Tyler's popular Linn's feature, Focus on Forgeries.

3. NEW! Tell Us Now
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 Tell Us Now, a new interactive poll feature on
 This week, tell us ... This week's Refresher Course column
 is on the subject of exhibiting collections at stamp shows.
 Have you learned more about the stamp hobby by viewing
 stamp exhibits?


Linn's Online Columns:
1.  Editor's Choice: 2 American Bank Note EKU discovered
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 As editor-publisher Michael Laurence predicted in this
 column Sept. 25, earliest-known-use covers for the soft-paper
 American Bank Note stamps are cropping up like mushrooms
 after a spring rain. Read this week's column for the
 latest example.

2. Refresher Course: Show your collecting pride with an exhibit
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 Every champion exhibitor has to start somewhere, and it's
 usually with an exhibit that is created out of a love for
 the hobby and a devotion to the subject of the collection.
 In Refresher Course, senior editor Michael Baadke describes
 some of the basics of creating a stamp exhibit. Perhaps
 the first steps you take toward creating your own stamp
 exhibit will eventually lead you to a championship of your own.


Regular Features

1. Linn's Zillions of Stamps!
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2. Linn's StampSites
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3. New Issues: Oceania
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4. Search New online classified ads!
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5. Stamp collectors' reference area
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6. Linn's Bookstore
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7. Linn's computer wallpaper: U.S. 1995 Carousel Horses
(Scott 2976-79)
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8. Stamp Events calendar
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9. 2000 U.S. Stamp Program
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10. 2000 Canada Stamp Program
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11. 2000 U.N. Stamp Program
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13. 2001 U.N. Stamp Program
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Column Previews
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1. Collecting FDCs: Tourism postal cards by Allison Cusick
2. Great Britain: Postal rate books by Charles Tooker
3. Insider: Stamp show attendance by Les Winick
4. Italy: Albanian military mail by Robert E. Lana
5. Kitchen Table Philately: Worldwide by E. Rawolik VI
6. Postal History: World War II Army mail by Richard B. Graham
7. Postmark Pursuit: World Series by Rachel Supinger
8. Stamp Market Tips: Oman by John G. Ross
9. U.S. Notes: Harding mystery by John Hotchner
10. U.S. Revenues: Perforation varieties by Michael Morrissey
11. Who's Who on U.S. Stamps: A. Hitchcock by Richard Thomas
12. World of New Issues: AIDS awareness by Denise McCarty

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