NEED:99 Ultimate Victory #121,127,137,141,145 shortprints for set.

NEED:99 Ultimate Victory #121,127,137,141,145 shortprints for set.

Post by Chris J. William » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00

I need the following shortprints to complete my sets.  I have plenty
to trade from and can provide extensive tradelists.  If you wish to
sell, I will buy if the price is right, lmk if you can help thanks
1998 Ultra
234-Williamson-will buy at $2
240-Collier-will buy at $2

1998 Leaf R&S
314-Glaus-will buy at $55
316-Mateo-will buy at $25
317-Minor-will buy at $35
332-Drew-will buy at $55

1999 Skybox Premium (full body shot, feet are visible)

1999 Ultimate Victory
121-Munson-will buy at $10
127-Weaver-will buy at $2
137-Hudson-will buy at $5
141-Burrell-will buy at $15
145-Ankiel-will buy at $50