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In the new December issue of Certified Card Pprice Guide (published by the
SCD people), on page 19  is a report that a 1966 OPC Mantle graded PSA9 has
sold for OVER $5000 MORE than a 1966 Topps Mantle graded PSA 9.
ALSO...on pages 54/55...the Ryan OPC rookie is more than 2 1/2 times the
price of the Topps Ryan rookie in equal condition.

My name is Mike Sadev. I have been selling and talking about OPC baseball
since the late 80's. Many of you have purchased from me or seen me at major
shows on the East Coast. I have a prediction to make.

What old-time collector/investors have known since the 60's about the
scarcity and value of OPC, the less-informed collecting public is going to
know soon. The "market-makers" at Beckett and the more truthful people at
SCD are going to start to TRULY report the price differentials between OPC
and Topps, and start to be more honest about the scarcity & collectibility
of OPC as compared to Topps.

For those of you who can't afford $14,000 for a Mantle or $850-$1000 for a
Ryan...I have an offer for you....

The factory-sealed set of 1990. The biggest set made by OPC. A set made
scarcer than usual because OPC was getting ready to switch its marketing to
the OPC Premier of 1991. A set with the ROOKIE cards of Sosa, Thomas, Belle,
Bernie Williams, and many more. Also with the First OPC of Griffey Jr and
Kevin Brown.

Factory-sealed from factory-sealed cases....think of the grading

If you only believe in the Beckett price guide....don't respond.
If you believe that the Beckett people are totally honest about their
reporting and truly REFLECT the hobby....don't respond.

If you want a unique collectible, and potentially dynamic investment...
then respond.
I also have limited, selected singles in MInt/NrMt+ condition that have come
from these factory sets available.

Thanks for reading,
Mike Sadev