Post by Ritadv0 » Wed, 18 Aug 2004 03:09:56

I've posted this awhile ago and have picked up some new customers ---- But I
want more !!

First a little background on me - My name is Mario and I've beeen on Ebay since
1998 with over 2000 Positives, 12 Negatives. Ive been doing sports cards as a
dealer since 1992. Card shows and the like. Ive made some good contacts over
the years which helps me offer the best product I can to my valuable customers.

About two years ago, I started dealing with a guy who buys alot of product (
Average of $2000.00 a month). He opens them for kicks, takes out the Game Used
& Autographs (Sometimes the Rookies). To recoup some of his expense, he sells
the boxes (Whatever is left in the box, Stars, Inserts, Rookies) for $6.00 a
box. The only problem for me is that since he buys so much, He offers to me as
long as I take em all. Good, Bad & Indifferent. I MUST TAKE EM ALL !!

This is where you come in, I can't use em all. If interested, I'll put you on
my list and as product becomes available, Baseball, Basketball, & Football,  I
email you with the list.

The only additional cost is shipping, which I keep very cheap, just to cover
the actual shipping. ( I'm not trying to make anything on shipping).

This basically makes you a partner of mine.

When I publish a list - It's on a First Come, First served basis.
In the Event I dodn't have everything you request, I let you know what's left.
If you still want it, it's yours. If you don't   - No Problem !!

This is what's available right now :
Numbers of boxes available is in brackets.


2004 Leaf Certified (13)
2004 Playoff Honors (9)
2004 Donruss Elite (13)


2004 Fleer Authentix (4)
2004 SP Authntic (1)
2004 Playoff Absolute (1)

Thanks to all, for your time.

Mario Della Valle
mm_sports on Ebay