$20 worth of basball cards --Free yes Free (inc shipping)

$20 worth of basball cards --Free yes Free (inc shipping)

Post by RAnder68 » Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:00:00

OK you knew that it wasn't that easy!

There is a new service called Paypal that is offering folks like us a great
service.  What you are able to do is to register for Paypal and give them a
credit card number and they will do two things.  First they will give you $5
credit towards any pruchase.  Second if you register me as a referral they will
give me $5.  So effecitvely for signing up to this free service (through a
secure link) and making your first payment to me for $5 (your free accoutn
signup bonus), I will send you $20 in cards for your favorite player.  If you
give me the name of a player I will give you a couple of groupings to choose
from and you pick the one you want, signup for paypal and they will be sent.

have been at this address for years.

Personally I think the idea is great!  Rather than always making out checks to
folks and paying the postage and then waiting for the person to cash the check
and then send the cards if we all used this service we could just send payment
right from our credit card (hey skymiles) without ever telling anyone our
account number (except paypal of course).

Well that's the pitch and since there is a limit as to how many folks I can
refer once I get you signed up you can make the same offer to other folks.

Rick Anderson

I would also be willing to do the refferal and let you just keep the $5 in your
account and send you a card for the trouble.  Your choice!